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Sabato’s More Perfect Framework

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has long been a subscriber to the UVA Center for Politics newsletters. He reads them with relish and awaits their appearance with some anticipation. Your Maximum Leader will recommend that if you are of a political ilk you might want to sign up for yourself. (Heck, perhaps you should even make a donation to keep the good work going.)

The most recent e-mail from the Center for Politics is plugging Larry Sabato’s newest book, A More Perfect Constitution. Normally, your Maximum Leader isn’t thrilled about books about how you can “improve” the Constitution or the actual mechanics of “the government.” Most of the time they aren’t grounded in anything that remotely resembles reality. This is not to say that Sabato’s book is completely grounded in reality. Your Maximum Leader hasn’t read the book, but he thinks he might. Sabato is a reasonable man with a practical, as well as professorial, outlook.

For your edification, your Maximum Leader will excerpt some of the passage of the email here and provide quick and pithy commentary…

Here is a tidbit about reforming the Senate:

Two principles embraced by the founders about the Senate are worth preserving. Fundamentally, the Senate represents semi-sovereign states, and despite all the changes wrought by time and technology over the centuries, most Americans still identify with and have great devotion to their individual state.


The second principle was equally dear to the founders. They insisted that the structure of the Senate should protect minority rights from the “tyranny of the majority,” or “mob-ocracy.” The United States was to be a republic, a representative democracy, not a pure democracy run by 50 percent plus one of its residents.


In the early years of the Republic, the population ratio of the most populated state, Virginia, and the least populated state, Delaware, was 12 to 1. In 2004 that ratio was an incredible 70 to 1 between California and tiny Wyoming. Therefore, the current Senate is absurdly skewed in the direction of the small states. Theoretically, if the twenty-six smallest states held together on all votes, they would control the U.S. Senate, with a total of just under 17 percent of the country’s population!

Additionally, on most crucial policy votes, such as the Iraq resolution example that opened this section, the arcane rules of the Senate permit 41 of the 100 senators to prevent a final vote on the floor by means of a filibuster–that is, continuous debate. Therefore, just 21 states can provide the 41 senators necessary to block action. The 21 most lightly populated states comprise a mere 11.2 percent of the nation’s population as the Senate is currently constituted.


So how can the animating principles of the Senate be preserved while making the institution fairer to all the people, whether they live in big, medium, or small states? The Senate needs an adjustment that is both simple and potentially acceptable to most small states–in part, because some of them are growing by leaps and bounds, and they will one day benefit from the change. We should give the ten largest states two more Senate seats each, with the next fifteen largest states gaining one additional seat. The twenty-five states with the smallest populations would not forfeit any representation and keep their current two Senate seats. As with seats in the House of Representatives, the Senate seats would be reapportioned among the states, according to this formula, every ten years after the census assesses population changes. From decade to decade, for example, a state might move into the list of the ten largest states and thus be awarded an extra senator; the state dropped from that exclusive list would lose a senator.

The new Senate, then, would consist of 135 members. This change has an additional advantage. With the population of the United States having expanded dramatically (by almost two thirds, in fact) since the current 100-member Senate was established in 1960, the 35 additional senators can assist in meeting the needs of millions of new Americans in their large states. And the cost to the Treasury is relatively little. The smaller states in the new Senate would, individually and collectively, retain plenty of clout. The difference is that the distorted, decidedly unfair world where the Lilliputians rule the Giants would be dissolved.

Before commenting… Let us read Mr. Sabato’s comments on the House…

The founders had great affection for the U.S. House of Representatives and wanted it to be a reliable barometer of popular sentiment, produced by open and competitive elections, with all its members elected every two years. (The number of members was far smaller in their day, but in our time the House has 435 voting members). How sad the founders would be to see the ultra-stable, uncompetitive House of professional politicians that exists today. In 2004 just twenty-two races for U.S. representative in the country were decided by fewer than ten percentage points, and in 2006–supposedly a highly competitive year–only sixty-one contests fell into that category.


… [T]he Constitution itself must call for universal nonpartisan redistricting. The states should be given a choice of methods, including redistricting by a panel of retired judges or an independent citizens commission–carefully balanced to prevent control by any party…

The goal of increased partisan competition ought to require that, within the demands of compactness, we should create as many two-party competitive districts as possible. This is what Iowa tries to do, quite successfully. Why is this so important? If there is a national swing of just two or three percentage points in the overall House vote from one party to the other in successive elections, then many dozens of seats might switch hands to the more politically successful party, empowering the people to send their electoral messages. At present, a swing of 2 or 3 percent would produce only a handful of party turnovers, in all probability, so that the voters are cheated of their opportunity to affect the governmental policies that affect them.


Most of the reforms advocated in this book are primarily structural, without a clear leaning to left or right. Others might be considered liberal or progressive, with a few falling squarely in the middle of the road. Yet constructive constitutional change can and must come in all ideological hues. No one philosophy has a monopoly on good ideas, and if a package of amendments is to be ratified–given the extraordinary majorities required for adoption in Congress and the states–there must be backing across the mainstream political continuum. The following proposals, originated mainly by conservatives, ought to be given serious consideration for inclusion in the new Constitution: expanding the size of the U.S. House, term limits for national legislators, and a balanced budget amendment.

The first of these ideas will surprise many. Why would an increase in the size of the U.S. House of Representatives be considered conservative–or be regarded a good thing? As is frequently the case, we need to go back to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. There is every indication that the founders believed the House would grow with the population. At the same time, they no doubt understood that there was some undefined limit to that growth in the House.

Let’s return to the first House of 65 members. With a U.S. population of about 3.9 million, each House member represented approximately 60,000 individuals. By 1860 a larger House of 183 members represented on average about 100,000 people each. After the 1910 census, the size of the House peaked at 435, with each member representing 213,000. Today, each member of the lower house of Congress represents 690,000!

If the new Constitutional Convention were to tackle this issue, it would be vital not to go from one extreme to the other. Based on the original constitutional minimum district size of 30,000 people per House member, we would have a House of 10,000! Some conservatives have argued for a House of 2,000 up to more than 9,000, but more reasonable is the conservative commentator George Will’s suggestion of a 1,000-member House. It may seem counterintuitive that conservative pundits would want to expand this part of government, but the key is in the follow-through. By increasing the size of the House, the influence of most members is thus severely limited. Resources per member, such as personal staff and office space, should also be proportionately reduced.

A larger House would produce much smaller constituencies of 300,000 people or so, permitting representatives to stay in touch with a larger proportion of their districts and also allowing for the election of a more diverse group of representatives. More ethnic, social, racial, and religious groups might well have majorities in these new, smaller districts, and they could elect a House member to carry their banner in Congress. The need for money in order to mount a campaign would be reduced as well.

Your Maximum Leader, as most of you know, is a deeply conservative person. He means this in the sense that he does want to conserve what is good in our society and change (because it will happen) must be slow, incremental, and measured. Your Maximum Leader is particularly conservative when it comes to messing with our Constitution and the framework of our Republic. Indeed, your Maximum Leader has gone on the record often saying how much he likes gridlock in government. So when someone suggests reforms to help make “the government run better” your Maximum Leader is sceptical to begin.

Having said that, and only having read the e-mail with summaries of the book, your Maximum Leader is generally open to the suggestions that Sabato has put forth here. He certainly is in favor of a balanced budget amendment. He has no objection to expanding the size of the House of Representatives. 1,000 members of the lower House seems a little excessive, but frankly the number of Representatives is arbitrary as it is, so there doesn’t appear to be any reason why one should prefer 435 over 1,000 (or 555, or 721, or 999). Your Maximum Leader believes that whatever number you suggest it should be an odd one - just to avoid ties. (Unless you are sure to point out in your rules of procedure that a tie means a vote fails. Some people aren’t clear on that point…)

Your Maximum Leader is a little leery of adding proportional representation, as Sabato — or anyone else, puts it, into the Senate. He sees the point Sabato is making, and he realizes that the composition of the Senate was a political compromise itself; but having a few states have three or four Senators doesn’t sit well with him. He wonders if it is just his conservative nature that doesn’t want to mess it up coming through here. It likely is.

As for term limits… Your Maximum Leader has never been for them. If people want to elect a saint or an asshole over and over and over again, by gum let them! Your Maximum Leader knows all the arguments on boths sides of this issue (he’s been hearing them since the mid 1980s now — they never change). And frankly it just comes down to people should be allowed to vote for whomever they want as many times as they want. Your Maximum Leader would have been against the Twenty-Second Amendment if he’d been alive at the time it was being debated. Frankly, if people scrutinized their elected officials they might be shocked at what they find. Everyone believes that “their” representatives are “great” and “all the others” are “bad.” But if they bothered to read a newspaper, or follow what goes on at all, they would realize that “their” people are just as “bad” as everyone elses.

Your Maximum Leader doesn’t have time for more pithy discourse on this subject now. He will likely try and pick up the book and read the whole thing for himself.

Carry on.

Obligatory Post

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader apologizes for posting nothing yesterday. He is going to have to re-evaluate his posting habits. The Villainette’s are doing more both after and before school; and your Maximum Leader is actually a contributing member of society with other responsibilities. Perhaps he should banish this idea he has of writing something for the blog most every weekday… He’ll think about it.

Of course, if one is going to blog, one should have something to blog about. Alas, he didn’t have much to say yesterday. Your Maximum Leader did miss the anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. That was yesterday. Your Maximum Leader should save his blogging thunder for the impending anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, which is happening on October 14th.

Your Maximum Leader has been thinking a lot about sports. He’s been rooting on the Nationals against the Mets. If you can’t be a winner in the Division, you can at least be a spoiler. It isn’t quite as sweet a role to play, but it is better than being the Marlins.

He’s also been thinking about Football. He’s all excited about the Packers, but he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Pack are off to a great start, but he wonders if the teams they have beaten have been coasting on reputation from last year. Your Maximum Leader has also been thinking about the San Diego Chargers. He thought that the Chargers would be a great team this year. He was confident that they could make it far into the playoffs. Alas, it is not to be. Your Maximum Leader wonders if they will win 8 games this year. Your Maximum Leader is putting the blame for San Diego’s bad start firmly at the feet of Norv Turner. Turner knows offensive schemes. Turner knows quarterbacks. He doesn’t do well as a head coach. It was a bad move to fire Marty Schotenheimer.

And in other news… Whew! That was short… Apparently the UAW and GM have reached a tenative agreement to get everyone (in the UAW at least) back to work.

Carrry on.

Things done this weekend.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader would really like to just sit around and do nothing today. Not like he did much over the weekend. Let us ennumerate those things he did, shall we?

Friday night - played host to a Villainschloss full of 10 year olds for a sleepover in honor of Villainette #1’s recent birthday. As part of playing host he cooked up about 10 pounds of pork roast using sea-salt, a little coconut, and some liquid smoke. Then he served this bounty with a pineapple/mango salsa. The kids (and the few moms who hung out with us) loved it. Your Maximum Leader also drank rum drinks out of a large tiki mug. Did your Maximum Leader mention that Villainette #1’s party had a “Hawaiian” theme?

Saturday - woke up before the crack of dawn, drove 40 miles to get the tire of the Villainmobile changed. Left the tire place, took wrong turn while listening to The Economist podcast, traveled about 20 miles in wrong direction before coming too and realizing mistake. Then drove hour home. Then cooked breakfast (eggs - fried and scrambled, grits - with and without cheese, sausage - spicy and mild, toast, and fruit salad) for children. Sent visiting children on their way. Went grocery shopping. Read half of a Flashman novel. Tidied up in the back yard. Watched some college football. Played Medieval Total War II - as the Russians (enjoyed killing Turks and Poles - Hungarians are next). Drank some bourbon out of a regular glass. Stayed up late watching TV - including the mediocre “13th Warrior” (your Maximum Leader wishes they would make more Viking movies…).

Sunday - woke up late. Read Luke 7:36-50 with children. Explained parable to Villainettes - to little success. Played a little Medieval Total War II - continued game as the Russians (enjoyed killing Poles and rebels - Turks agreed to alliance for giving up Crimea. Hungarians avoided war by surrendering a province). Then watched football.

Your Maximum Leader watched he beloved Packers pay a wide-open game against the Chargers. He was pleased with the victory, but disappointed that the Pack have no running game to speak of. This was painfully evident when the Pack had a First and Goal on the 1.5 yard line and threw four consecutive (failed) passes to try and score. They turned over the ball on downs. It was sad. Your Maximum Leader is starting to wonder if the Packers might actually be one of the best teams in the NFC this year. That doesn’t mean too much as the AFC is still pretty much loaded and will likely beat up on the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Your Maximum Leader then watched the Redskins lose to the NY Giants. What the hell happened in that game. Your Maximum Leader thought that the throwback uniforms were embued with powerful ju-ju - but only half a game worth of ju-ju apparently. At the half your Maximum Leader was willing to lay money down that the Skins would whollop the Giants. But it was not to be. The Giants came back and spanked the Skins. Very sad.

Speaking of throwbacks… Your Maximum Leader doesn’t like any Philadelphia sports team. He especially dislikes the Flyer and the Eagles. But there was something delightfully tacky about the Eagles throwback uniforms. He hopes that the Eagles wear them the rest of the season.

Your Maximum Leader (during the Skins game) grilled a delightful flank steak, made garlic bread, steamed some squash from the garden, and cooked up some rice. Devoured all of this while watching game. (Also ate some kimchee he got at Giant with the rice. He’s been eating lots of kimchee recently. While a lot to him is probably not a lot to a Korean, he does enjoy a some with dinner. He’s eaten a 16oz jar in one week.)

Then your Maximum Leader watched the first three quarters of the Bears/Cowboys contest. He was pulling (as much as he could) for the Cowboys - because it would help the Packers. But it didn’t feel right doing so.

Then your Maximum Leader headed off the sleepytime. He doesn’t know why he should feel so tired today, but he does.

Carry on.

Foodie Blog

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is transfixed by a blog he found via Rachel.

He’s now added the Old Foodie to the blogroll.

Your Maximum Leader has been reading old entries for waaaay too long today.

Clicky and read-y.

Carry on.

Civics Quiz

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is disappointed in himself. He only scored 56 of 60 on this Civics Quiz he found through the V-man. That makes him a B Student. (He supposes that, depending on the grading system, his grade might be a B+. The percentage score was 93.3%.) On one question your Maximum Leader just misread the answers and kicks himself for going too quickly. But the other three were all legitimate misses.

Take the quiz yourself. It is here.

BTW, the Velocigod scored 57 of 60. Lousy bastard…

Carry on.


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, as you may know, is the father of three. The youngest of his brood is 3 years old. Last night he was given cause to wonder, now he will give you cause to wonder…

When a little kid in on the receiving end of a minor injury (real or imagined) often the application of a small band-aid somewhere on their body is enough to take care of the injury and the resulting fuss about the injury.

Before there were band-aids what did people use?

Did they keep around an old gauzy shirt and just tear off a piece and wrap it around the affected area a la a John Wayne western? Did moms daub the injury with a damp towel and speak in a soft, soothing voice? Did a kid’s friends just rub some dirt on the injury and say “Okay, you’re fine now.”?

Your Maximum Leader doesn’t remember soliciting band-aids when he was younger (although it is possible that he did). But your Maximum Leader sure knows that his children just love the band-aids.

Carry on.

The horror!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader must share this with you all w/out comment.

Kev is a brave man. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t like publishing photos of himself on the web, much less a video.

Carry on.

Cue Johnny Depp

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader notes that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. He does not believe that he has ever noted the occasion of this festive event before. (Although Smallholder may have.)

Your Maximum Leader has put up his one post with a few instances of “ye” and “hath” — which are both a little more Elizabethian than “pirate.” What can your Maximum Leader say? He’s just cultured that way.

And just for the record…


Carry on.

Question for ye…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hath a question for ye…

Would ye rather be tasered, or listen to a John Kerry speech?

That is a toughie…

Carry on.

Skippy on Greenspan

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is beginning to think that the less he posts, the better Skippy’s political posts are. Indeed, your Maximum Leader even thought (just a few short moments ago) that if your Maximum Leader just stopped blogging all together would Skippy just keep on writing enough good material for two blogs? (Admittedly one of those blogs would be an X-rated social commentary/diary site and the second a remarkably well-informed and insightful political commentary site…)

If you haven’t read Skippy’s latest on Alan Greenspan you probably ought to. It was eerily prescient for your Maximum Leader. Particularly this passage:

Prior to this President [Bush], Ronald Regan had racked up the greatest deficits in American history, but he did so for some reason. Reagan’s spending was at least for some purpose, the total end to imperial communism. Also, the debt that President Reagan accumilated as to American banks or friendly foreign governments, such as Japan.

When Reagan was president, there was a great outcry among responsible people about the holding of so much debt by Japan. Indeed, there were cautions about “Japan bashing” that might hurt the domestic economy in the 1980s.

This president has accepted blank cheques from the Stalinist People’s Republic of China. A full third of American debt is now held by a government that believes that American economic dominence is antithetical to their very belief system. Yet no one, not even Alan Greenspan has objected to this.

The only thing worse than owing money is the people to whom the money is owed. Holding a mortage to a bank is infinately better than owing a bookie money for a football bet. President Bush went the bookie route.

And for what purpose? Unlike Reagan, Bush has not sold out his country for national defense. The overwhelming majority of Bush’s spending has been for socialistic electioneering that chiefly benefitted himself and his party. That that benefit was only temporary only makes the spending more craven.

Hear! Hear! Your Maximum Leader was thinking the same thoughts over the weekend and mentioned them to an acquantaince (a Doctor going on about the new prescription drug benefit) briefly.

Your Maximum Leader, once again, doffs his bejeweled floppy cap in Skippy’s direction. Good stuff over at Enjoy Every Sandwich.

Carry on.

“Real” Age quiz

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader saw the “real age” quiz thingie Llama Butchers site yesterday. He took it last night before the game.

Your Maximum Leader thinks that the Smallholder might find the results amusing. Your Maximum Leader did…

Your Maximum Leader, as you may know, is 38 years old. According to the quiz thingie your Maximum Leader’s real age is 41. It also predicts that your Maximum Leader will expire around age 73. (Apparently life expectancy for a man your Maximum Leader’s age is 75.)

Like Robbo, your Maximum Leader wondered about retirement as well when he got the results. He wondered more about retirement for Mrs. Villain, since she comes from a particularly long-lived breed of New Englander types. Your Maximum Leader should stock-up on life insurance policies…

Carry on.

Constitution Day

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure how he is going to go about celebrating Constitution Day. What? You didn’t know it was Constitution Day? Well, September 17th is that illustrious day. The anniversary of the signing of that glorious document that frames the institutions of the American Republic.

Of course, if you didn’t know today was Constitution Day, you either forgot (which is likely for most of you — your Maximum Leader has a very educated readership) or you are a teenager who found this site while surfing for porn.

Well… Your Maximum Leader will celebrate this Constitution Day in the following fashion… He’ll grill some burgers, drink a beer or two, and watch Monday Night Football in High Definition. Because if the Framers could have done so, that is how they would have celebrated… (Okay… Maybe only Ben Franklin would have celebrated in the same fashion… But Ben Franklin was a great man…)

Your Maximum Leader doffs his bejeweled floppy cap in honour of the Framer’s work this day.

Carry on.

Fred… Not a seal…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees on the AP news wires that Fred Thompson has been answering questions in Florida. These questions are, presumably, asked by (again presumably) Floridians.

Apparently Sen. Thompson was asked about the Terri Schiavo situation. To your Maximum Leader’s great disappointment Fred didn’t quite sound the right note. He said: “I can’t pass judgment on it. I know that good people were doing what they thought was best…That’s going back in history. I don’t remember the details of it.” He later added that “Local matters generally speaking should be left to the locals. I think Congress has got an awful lot to keep up with.” That is really too bad. Your Maximum Leader can pass judgement on the whole situation. It was a tragedy and a farce all wrapped up into one. It was a tragedy because you had a brain-dead woman who’s parents wanted to care for her and who’s husband (who was no saint by any stretch) wouldn’t do the right thing and just let the parents care for their daughter. The farce took many forms. The first was by the family claiming that Terri wasn’t in a persistent vegetative state. The second layer of the farce was when the Congress of the United States of America decided to intervene in the whold sordid affair. It is too bad that Fred Thompson didn’t just come out and stick with his “federalist” leanings and say that Congress had no business sticking its nose where it didn’t belong.

Later in the AP piece Fred does a little to redeem himself in your Maximum Leader’s eyes… When asked about his decision to decline to participate in upcoming Republican Candidate “Debates” in Florida he said:

“Debates are important, but let’s don’t let the tail wag the dog here. Standing up there 10 in a row, you know, like a bunch of seals waiting for someone to throw you the next fish is not necessarily the best way to impart your information to the American people,” Thompson said. “I’m not above acting like a seal every once in a while and waiting for the next fish. I just don’t want to do it all the time.”

Bravo! Good answer…

Carry on.

Well that is a t-shirt

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has a couple of friends around town here who know that he keeps this blog. One of them, we’ll call him “Joe,” once mentioned that your Maximum Leader ought to get him a Naked Villainy t-shirt. Well… “Joe’s” wish was his Maximum Leader’s command and “Joe” received a “Well Hung” t-shirt for Christmas.

Well… Your Maximum Leader was pleased to give one of his shirts to one of his buddies. (Even if the gift did get a not-too-friendly eye-roll from Joe’s girlfriend.) It pleased him for no other reason than it makes your Maximum Leader smile to think that someone is wearing a shirt that your Maximum Leader designed (even if the Well Educated, Well Informed, Well Fed, Well Hung motif was developed by the Air Marshal).

A few weeks ago, your Maximum Leader’s friend (”Joe”) joined his Maximum Leader for lunch. During lunch it came up that “Joe” had worn the “Well Hung” shirt a number of times during a protracted vacation on Cape Cod. It seems that many visitors and natives thought the shirt was quite amusing (and a change from the ubiquitous Black Dog shirts you see everywhere up there). Your Maximum Leader thanked “Joe” for the free advertising and mused that he might even get a sale out of the effort.

Well… Your Maximum Leader got a little message from Cafe Press recently and it seems someone out on Cape Cod just went and bought themselves a “Well Hung” T-shirt. That is pretty cool. A few hundred thousand more of your Maximum Leader’s shirts out there on the Cape and he’ll be giving that damned lab a run for his money!

So… Think of this post as what it is… A shameless plug encouraging all of you to go to the Villainous Commerce store and keep this economy moving! Consumer spending (particularly US consumer spending) keeps the whole world going (economically and not astronomically speaking). So go on! Buy yourself a Well Hung t-shirt, or perhaps the traditional “And thus I clothe my naked villainy” shirt is more your style (remember the traditional shirt comes in ladies sizes too!). Of course, you may be a little too embarassed to wear your Maximum Leader on your proverbial sleeve… So how about having him near your naughty bits! There are Thongs and Boxers too!

Buy Minion! Buy!

Carry on.

Italian to English

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been suffering from a nasty backache for the past few days. He’s not sure what he might have done to cause this. But it has made blogging a little difficult - because sitting and typing is not terribly comfortable.


Your Maximum Leader decided to pick one of the groups of sidebar links and start checking them to make sure they all still worked. He decided to verify the “Villainous Culture” section. For those of you who have never ventured to that part of the right-hand sidebar, the Villainous Culture section links many museums or other cultural institutions that you might find interesting and edifying.

So… He’d gotten down to his link to the Uffizi in Florence and brought up their home page. The home page had a lovely warning in pink about half way down. Here was the warning:


Damn those precarious museum workers! Daring to go on strike on September 16th. If only they knew how precarious their situation was! Then they wouldn’t strike…

Of course, this poor choice of words is likely just the result of someone telling the I.T. guy (or gal) to put up a warning on the site about the impending strike — and don’t forget to do the English language site too…

Of course, if this poor I.T. person is in fact a gal and needs a little tutoring in English… Your Maximum Leader is happy to help however he can…

Carry on.

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