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For the Poet Laureate

William Shatner Haiku

Niall Ferguson

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader already knows what he will be doing around noon on Sunday. He will be watching Book TV on C-Span. If you haven’t read Ferguson’s book Empire, your Maximum Leader commends it to you.

Your Maximum Leader saw a teaser for Ferguson’s talk on Sunday. The teaser was part of a pre-recorded portion of the show. In it he was discussing the failure of the US to make good on the aftereffects of the Iraqi takeover. (Your Maximum Leader paraphrases….) It should be interesting. Your Maximum Leader hopes to give a review afterwards.

Carry on.

Mercenaries and Whatnot

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader commends the following article for your consideration. Anticipatory Retaliation: Mercenaries and Whatnot

Your Maximum Leader hopes to blog some this weekend. Lots of good stuff out there on his mind. But, Mrs. Villain is away for the weekend leaving the Villainettes and your Maximum Leader to fend for themselves.

Carry on.

George Will

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was referred to George Will’s latest Live and Let Vote by the AirMarshal yesterday. It well sums up some of my fears about turning over Iraq to a UN caretaker government.

Carry on.

Man sells wedding dress on E-bay!

Ok, if you have not seen it yet… check it out! Good for a laugh

I need to post more, it is turning into the smallholder show.

Back to the trenches…..

Update from the Maximum Leader: Yes, you do.

Den Beste has a Bloom County moment

Steven Den Beste writes the following, part of a much longer post [his repetition of “The Truth Is” is a reference to a Bloom County Sunday strip from years ago]:

The Truth Is that in the last two years one of the strongest currents in international diplomacy and rhetoric has been Tu Quoque. If you are vulnerable to a certain criticism, preempt that criticism by accusing your enemies of that same failure before they accuse you. One benefit is that you may muddy the waters enough so that the entire accusation is devalued, and even if you don’t, when someone accuses you of that same failing it makes them look feeble and reactive.

It doesn’t matter if there’s any basis for the preemptive criticism, or whether it makes any sense. The point is to defuse the entire issue. One example is the ongoing characterization of Israeli action against the Palestinians as “terrorism” by Arab leaders, so as to try to deflect attention from the fact that the Palestinian “freedom fighters” are the ones truly engaged in terrorist attacks.

And now a monumental example of Tu Quoque is beginning to emerge. There has been a steady drumbeat of accusations by the leftist lunatic fringe that the real reason the Bush administration wanted to invade Afghanistan and Iraq was to advance the business interests of certain oil companies. It’s never actually made any sense; f all the Bush administration were really interested in was oil, it would have been far easier to make a deal with Saddam than to invade.

But it’s also becoming more and more apparent that an appallingly large amount of the vocal international opposition to Anglo-American plans for invasion of Iraq actually opposed the invasion because they were making out like bandits, as beneficiaries of the “Oil for Food” program. And apparently the two nations which made out the best were UNSC veto powers France and Russia, who by extraordinary coincidence also were the most intransigent opponents in the UNSC of the invasion.

It’s the latest demonstration of the corruption, incompetence, and venality of the UN as an organization, but by no means the only one. Yet it is still the UN which opponents of the war turn to in their rhetoric as solution to the “problem” of the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq.

The Truth Is that anti-war leftists actually do think that America should “cut and run”, just as Spain now has. But they’re not so disconnected as to believe that they can actually sell that honestly. So their rhetoric is that the US and British should transfer control over Iraq to the UN, and largely withdraw their own forces in favor of “international forces” to take their place. But they no more believe that the UN would handle that job well than I do. The Truth Is that they believe that the only way they can convince the majority of Americans to pull out is to try to pretend that America would be replaced by someone else who would “finish the job”, even though there’s now damned good reason to believe that UN control over Iraq would be an utter catastrophe for Iraqis.

The Truth Is that many of them recognize that the primary justification for our invasion was to gain the opportunity to establish a liberal democracy there, in hopes of infecting the entire region with liberal ideas (using “liberal” in its traditional meaning) and of “destabilizing” the entire region. They recognize that to be dangers to themselves or to close friends of theirs, and hope to prevent it. If Iraq disintegrates into civil war, or if it is once again ruled by a brutal dictator, then the Iraqi people will again suffer but these leaders would all heave a sigh of relief. (And who knows? They might even be able to get back onto the gravy train again.)

The AirMarshal linked me to an alternative, and perhaps more pragmatic, point of view, here.


Prolific Smallholder?


Alas, I do not get days off like you folks in regular jobs. I have, however, been able to use a lull in paper grading to comply with the Maximum Leader’s directive to post — I would suggest that, when the revolution comes, perhaps only the poet and I will avoid the purge.

Book Challenge

I forgot to post this earlier.

page 23, fifth sentence:

“Centralization in agriculture causes huge transportation costs.”

– Joel Salatin, “Salad bar Beef”


I am proud to announce that the Minister of Propaganda has been hired to direct the final chapter of the Men In Black trilogy.

I don’t want to do any spoilers, but the premise is that an Alien Armada arrives in the Solar System and demands that MIB “Deliver Jaime Pressly.”

To Sweet Seasons Farm.

This Will Warm the Cockles of the Poet Laureate’s Dank, Fetid Heart

SEOUL — North Korean ruler Kim Jong Il’s surprise summit in China last week took the top off of at least one of the Pyongyang government’s best-kept secrets: The Dear Leader is losing his famed big hair.

The rest is at the Washington Post.

More Kerry Gloom

Richard Cohen agrees that Kerry is a piss-poor candidate. His example: Kerry’s flubbed handling of Medalgate.


The situation was ready-made for humor, for an arid dismissal. Kerry was the hero — Silver Star, Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts — and the president had nothing to show for the Vietnam years except some nights he would like to forget…

But instead of dismissing Bush and Cheney with a lighthearted putdown of the sort that would prompt Bush to seek therapy, Kerry got angry. He waxed indignant. He said, in the manner of Rumpelstiltskin stomping the ground, “I’m not going to stand for it!” In doing so, he mimicked Bob Dole, who lost it entirely during the 1988 New Hampshire primary when he scowled at George H.W. Bush and snarled, “Stop lying about my record.” For Dole, this was not good television.

Bush Will Win, Darn It All!

Enjoy Every Sandwich has a dead-on analysis of the Presidential Election. I find his criticisms of both Bush and Kerry very telling.

Go read it (scroll down to April 26).


The Prolific Posts of Smallholder

Looks like the Minister of Agriculture took two days off of work to celebrate his birthday.

The Maximum Leader Will Love This

Glove puppetry (,2763,1202260,00.html): Another reason the Maximum Leader should be interned in a compost pile.

Smallholder’s Calves

If things work, I’ll have a picture of my boys frolicking in the upper pasture posted below.

Future Dinners at the Villainschloss

This makes me smile every evening. They know the sound of my truck so start mooing when I get home from work. I mix their bottles and walk back outside. At this point, they gallop to the barn like eager little kids. If you look at the smaller ones on the right, you can see how the twins are smaller than the others.

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