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Update and stuff

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has got to buy another computer. When Mrs Villain and the Villainettes are all needing to be on the computer and on-line at the same time that just pushes your Maximum Leader out of the blogging business. Perhaps your Maximum Leader will use that “stimulus package” money to get a new computer… Then again… Maybe not…

Speaking of Mrs Villain and the Villainettes. They were in a car accident today. Don’t worry. All are well. They are a little stiff, but all in all everything is okay. Keep them in your prayers. Keep your Maximum Leader in your prayers too as he gives his villainous nature a work-out as he deals with insurance companies.

Your Maximum Leader needs to alert Mrs P that he’s lost that photo he mentioned to her the other week. When he gets some computing time, he’ll see what he can do to recover the photo.

And lastly…

As longtime readers know, your Maximum Leader is a whisky man. Scotch first. Bourbon second. After that, he pretty much drinks beer. He has indulged from time to time in rum drinks. Well… He’s had a bottle of fine Russian Vodka in the liquor cabinet for a few years now. After watching some program on Russia and Vladimir Putin on cable this weekend, he decided to drink some of this unopened (and probably 3 year old) vodka. So, he put the bottle in the freezer to get it to set up right for drinking. Since your Maximum Leader is not of Russian extraction, he doesn’t do straight vodka. He knew he needed a mixer. He searched around the Villainschloss and found just what he was looking for…

Did you know that if you mix vodka and V-8 fusion (mango/peach) you get one serving of fruit, two servings of veggies, and two servings of liquor in one tall plastic cup? That there is what your Maximum Leader calls smart drinking.

Carry on.

NSFW Debate… A second glance…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is sure that you all were sitting on the edge of your proverbial seats yesterday. You were sitting there wondering to yourselves “Self, did the Page 3 girls beat up on the militant lesbian feminists at the Oxford Union last night?” Your Maximum Leader wondered that to himself. He also wondered if there was a beat-down, was jell-o or chocolate pudding involved? (Baby oil, being a petroleum product, would be waaaaaay too expensive. Even in a high-class joint like the Oxford Union.)

Well… Because you all wanted to know… The proposition against Page 3 (and its girls) was soundly defeated 230-129. You can read all about it by (Boobie warning! Clicking the link will expose your tender eyes to exposed human female mammaries) clicking here.

Jolly good show!

Carry on.

Political insight from the land of canned ham

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader must have skipped over one of Cranky’s posts over at Six Meat Buffet because if he had seen it the first time he would have linked it sooner.

Apparently a Dane named Lars has a great take on the impending US Elections. Well, more accurately he wonders why we are even having an election. The logic behind his reasoning is flawless, as best your Maximum Leader can tell. Clicky here to read the full text of Lars’ reasoned argument.

Carry on.

NSFW Debate!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader remembers seeing a t-shirt being worn by a student at the UVA Center for Politics that read (on the front): “Q: What to politics and sex have in common?” (on the back) “A: You don’t have to be good at either to have a good time.” There are many occasions when sex and politics come together in a less than savory confluence. Just ask Eliot Spitzer. But sometimes the combination of sex and politics is just meant to be.

Take for example the debate (likely going on as your Maximum Leader types these words) at the Oxford Union tonight. The Union will debate the proposition: “This house believes Page 3 is unacceptable in the 21st Century.” For your Maximum Leader’s more sheltered readers, the Page 3 in question is the famous Page 3 of British tabloid “The Sun” where every day a photo of a topless woman is featured. Care to see? Clicky here-y. (By the way… If you need a warning about that link not being safe, as your Maximum Leader had just, a few words earlier mentioned that the page in question features topless women, you are pretty thick-skulled.)

In true Page 3 style (heh… Your Maximum Leader just ascribed “style” to Page 3) some Page 3 girls are going to go to the Oxford Union to advance their own cause tonight. There is a (NSFW) piece in The Sun on this debate.

Your Maximum Leader wishes he could be in attendance. (For non-purient reasons only - of course.) Frankly, your Maximum Leader doesn’t see anything wrong with boobies. And let us be frank here, that is really what this is all about. The objectification of women’s boobs. Your Maximum Leader takes a particularly libertarian (libertine?) view on this one. If a woman wants to be paid money to show her boobs to millions of people, that is okay with your Maximum Leader. If people want to buy The Sun (or link to it - as your Maximum Leader does) to see those boobs; that is fine too. To be honest, with some of the outfits your Maximum Leader has been seeing on girls around town now (that the weather is warmer) he wonders if just going topless wouldn’t be just as fashionable.

Alas, the people who are debating in favor of the proposition are likely tightly-wound militants who will complain either about the objectification of women - or the general permissiveness of society. You can make good points either way, but all in all your Maximum Leader is for keeping the boobies on Page 3. Indeed, he’d be in favor of some American newspapers putting a topless woman on some page of their paper as well… (He’d also be in favor of beefcake on some other page for the ladies!)

Carry on.

One last hockey related thought

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will go ahead and share a bad thought he had at the game last night. Although he is happily married and shouldn’t observe these things… There were scads of hot women at the hockey game last night. He isn’t just speaking about “girls” he is talking women. Women of your Maximum Leader’s age. Sure there were lots of hot young things. But there were many sexy women at the game.

If your Maximum Leader were single (which thankfully he is not) he’d have to try and find a way to parley his love of hockey into a date…

Carry on.


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was both tired and cranky this morning. The day didn’t get much better.

So… Why exactly was your Maximum tired and cranky?

You might have heard that your Maximum Leader’s beloved (but oft-ill fated) Washington Capitals were defeated by the Philadelphia Flyers yesterday night in OT.

Your Maximum Leader and his lovely daughter, Villainette #2, were in attendance at the game. It was a tremendous experience. your Maximum Leader believes it has cemented Villainette #2 as a true hockey fan. She really had a great time.

Well… A great time except for the losing part.

Now, if you have watched any sports program today you have likely seen the winning goal. Caps goalminder Cristobal Huet (France’s greatest sporting export - and a close second after champagne) thought he had deflected the puck to his left, when it in fact had gone right. It was an easy goal for a professional. (Your Maximum Leader, a piss-poor skater, couldn’t have done it in a million years.) And so the game was lost.

Of course, the game should never have gone to overtime. The clip you may have missed, unless you live in the greater Washington DC area, or are a real hockey fan, was the incident in the second period. In that incident, Flyer Patrick Thorsen pushed Capital Shaone Morrisonn into Caps goalie Cristobal Huet. The result of the push was that Huet and Morrisonn and Thorsen wound up in a pile on the ice to the left side of the goal. Flyer Sami Kapanen shot the puck into the empty net and the goal lifted Philly to a 2-1 lead. (The game would later be tied by Alexander Ovechkin.)

Now, in any regular season game, that goal would have been reviewed. It was clearly interference against the Flyers. But the refs made no call. Your Maximum Leader saw the play live. He’s now seen it on tape a number of times. It looks like interference to him. It looks worse than lots of plays that were called interference during the season. That goal should have been reviewed at the least. In your Maximum Leader’s opinion, the goal should have been disallowed. The Caps was robbed!

Your Maximum Leader got into a huge screaming tirade today. He found himself yelling at Barry Melrose on the TV. Melrose was saying that Thorsen was “going for the puck” and the non-call was the right call. Allow your Maximum Leader to go on the record and say that Barry Melrose is a stupid mullet-topped fuck. He should go back to Kelvington Saskatchewan and leave hockey commentary on ESPN to someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. (Like Don Cherry! Who, alas, is not on ESPN.) Your Maximum Leader doesn’t remember a time he’s been so angry at some idiot sportscaster. Mrs Villain had to tell her irate husband to keep control of himself as the children were likely listening.

Well… As the saying goes… There is always next year. The Capitals are poised to be a great team in the NHL for a number of years. If they can sign a top flight goalie (as Huet is a free agent now…) they will be in a great position to go further into the playoffs next year.

Other than being robbed of the game, a great time was had by all.

Carry on.

Lets go Caps!

Greetings, loyal minions. You Maximum Leader, when he has been blogging, has been mentioning sports quite a bit. This is because your Maximum Leader is busy doing Maximum Leaderly things and a quick post about sports doesn’t require much mental exertion on his part. Is this fair to you loyal minion? Well now of course it isn’t. But your Maximum Leader isn’t about “fair” now is he?

Your Maximum Leader is doing something he wouldn’t ordinarily do. He bought (scalped) tickets to go to the Washington Capitals v. Philly Flyers game 7 tonight in DC. Your Maximum Leader is taking Villainette #2 to the game with him. You may be asking yourself “Self, why would my Maximum Leader not ordinarily do this? He is a lifelong Caps fan afterall?”


Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure he wants to have his spirits crushed by a Caps loss. Especially if he is sitting there in the stands with his lovely daughter. He’s seen the Caps lose too many of these types of games over the years to be over confident. Certainly the Caps are on the cusp of being a great team. A win tonight would advance them farther down the road towards greatness. A loss tonight would be a temporary setback. It would be a setback until next season - when the Caps should do much better than they did this year. They have the talent to be a better team than this season’s record would indicate.

Then again… A loss would be keeping with tradition. And as well all know, conservatives love tradition. Even some bad traditions. Just ask the Chicago Cubs…

Wish the Caps (and by extention your Maximum Leader) a good game and a hard-fought victory.

Carry on.

UPDATE - Your Maximum Leader had to correct some spelling and grammar in this post. His errors were too egregious even for him to ignore…

Carry on.


Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is a little tired this morning. He was up past his bedtime last night. (You know you need lots of sleep to be villainous…) He was out last night (a Wednesday!) cavorting.

Now you may be asking yourself, cavorting with whom exactly? Well… It was a great cast o’ blogging characters. Mr & Mrs Peperium (and their handsome children). Robbo the Llamabutcher. The Postmodern Conservative (and his lovely wife). Lorraine. And the sometimes Misspent One. In addition to the bloggers were a number of men of God, including Father M (and his seminary classmate Father H). All in all we were a dangerous bunch. We had pretty much ever base covered. Religion, history, poetry, politics, culture, and (of course) villainy.

Alas, the evening didn’t go off completely without hitches. The Peperiums had some difficulty with their hotel. Then the restaurant gave our table away to another group. We were able to suffer the slings and arrows of fortune and have a great time. Your Maximum Leader was glad to be able to get together with so many great people. He hopes to be able to get together with those in the group who are local more frequently in the future (perhaps as the pace of DC life slows somewhat in the sultry summer).

Your Maximum Leader is sure that the Peperiums (Peperii?) and Fathers M and H enjoy their mass with the Pope today. It was interesting to learn that this morning at 4am there was a mass held at Nationals Park. You might think that is an odd time to have a “run through” but the real purpose of the early AM mass was to consecrate the 46,000-odd hosts required for communion today. That is one of those interesting factoids that your Maximum Leader is sure he’ll be hearing on the newcasts tonight. Just remember you read it here first.

Carry on.

Those wacky Wagners

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader found a short moment last night to just do some random searching of the interwebs for interesting stories. Well… He found one.

As you might know, your Maximum Leader is a dedicated Wagnerian. He is a great fan of Wagner’s Operas. One of his goals in life is to see The Ring at Bayreuth. (You can even find a link to the Bayreuth festival over on the right side nav bar.)

Well… The Wagner Foundation and the Festival are in the middle of some turmoil right now. Wolfgang Wagner (Richard’s grandson) is going to retire as head of the Foundation and Festival. And there is a catfight to succeed him.

To wit from Reuters:

The curtain may be rising on the final act of an epic leadership battle at Germany’s Wagner Festival after family patriarch Wolfgang Wagner said he was ready to go if his two daughters took over jointly.

In what media have called the “war of the cousins,” three great-grand-daughters of Richard Wagner have fought for years for the right to succeed Wolfgang Wagner, his grandson who, at 88, has led the opera festival since 1951.

Wolfgang Wagner indicated to sponsors last week that he was willing to step down if his daughter from a first marriage, Eva Wagner-Pasquier, 63, and her much younger half-sister Katharina, 29, took the reins together.

The two rivals, who media say had not talked to each other in years, are to submit a proposal to the Richard Wagner Foundation in the next few weeks on how they intend to lead one of the world’s top opera festivals.

Katharina said they had grown closer since last year’s death of Wolfgang’s second wife Gudrun, Katharina’s mother.

“We have realized we get on well and we actually don’t think that differently,” she told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper this week.

“There is some sisterly affinity.”

In 2001, the foundation chose Eva, a theatre manager, as Wolfgang’s successor, but he refused to step down, insisting his contract was for life.

Foundation members will meet again on April 29, when they are likely to discuss the half-sisters’ proposal.

Richard Wagner himself inaugurated the purpose-built opera house at Bayreuth in southeast Germany in 1876 after searching in vain for a venue big enough to stage epic operas such as his four-part Ring cycle.

Devotees of his works have famously included Hitler. Demand for the annual festival is so high that fans can wait up to 10 years for a ticket.


Whether family tensions will wane under an Eva-Katharina duo remains to be seen, as the half-sisters’ cousin Nike, 62, also aspires to run the festival.

Nike, who runs an arts festival in the city of Weimar and is the daughter of Wolfgang’s brother Wieland, said she and Eva had already handed in a proposal to lead the festival together, and that she would be disappointed if her cousin switched sides.

“Wolfgang Wagner is blackmailing the foundation: Only if his own blood gets the ok he will think about resigning,” she told the Berliner Morgenpost daily.

Katharina Wagner, a statuesque blonde, had her directing debut at the Wagner festival last year and received mixed reviews for “Die Meistersinger von Nuernberg.” Some critics say she is too young and inexperienced to lead the festival.

Nike called her work “childishly harmless, popular and tabloidy” in a radio interview this week, saying she did not know how Katharina would work with Eva, who was a “serious person.”

She ruled out the idea of all three women heading the festival together, saying it would lead to “endless disputes.”

Of course, in this whole piece the words “Katharina Wagner, a statuesque blonde,” did jump off the page. Your Maximum Leader, being a hormonally normal man - in addition to a Wagnerian, had to do ye olde google image search to see just how statuesque.

The answer… This statuesque:
Katharina Wagner…  Hubba Hubba…
Clicky the pic-y to embiggen…

For a slightly different take on the story, check out the Sydney Morning Herald.

Let your Maximum Leader express his strong and vocal support for whatever Katharina wants to do. Frankly, your Maximum Leader will give Katharina this advice: take whatever power-sharing agreement you get now and then start to work behind the scenes to force out the half-sister and cousin. They are old anyway… You have time on your side Katharina. If you need a copy of Machiavelli to borrow (which your Maximum Leader seriously doubts she does), call - that can be arranged.

Carry on.

Polls that mean nothing

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader reads on the AP news wire that in a new poll Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has “erased” the lead once enjoyed by Senator Barack Obama (D-Heaven). According to the article:

Republican Sen. John McCain has erased Sen. Barack Obama’s 10-point advantage in a head-to-head matchup, leaving him essentially tied with both Democratic candidates in an Associated Press-Ipsos national poll released Thursday.

The survey showed the extended Democratic primary campaign creating divisions among supporters of Obama and rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and suggests a tight race for the presidency in November no matter which Democrat becomes the nominee.

McCain is benefiting from a bounce since he clinched the GOP nomination a month ago. The four-term Arizona senator has moved up in matchups with each of the Democratic candidates, particularly Obama.

An AP-Ipsos poll taken in late February had Obama leading McCain 51-41 percent. The current survey, conducted April 7-9, had them at 45 percent each. McCain leads Obama among men, whites, Southerners, married women and independents.

Clinton led McCain, 48-43 percent, in February. The latest survey showed the New York senator with 48 percent support to McCain’s 45 percent. Factoring in the poll’s margin of error of 3.1 percentage points, Clinton and McCain are statistically tied.

The last month has been challenging for Obama. The Illinois senator suffered high-profile losses in Texas and Ohio that encouraged Clinton, who pushed on even harder against him. Obama’s campaign also suffered a blow with scrutiny of incendiary sermons delivered by his longtime pastor. The candidate responded by delivering perhaps the biggest speech of his campaign to call for racial understanding.

Your Maximum Leader, as you can well imagine, doesn’t put any creedence in this poll right now. We don’t know if these people are likely voters, registered voters, slobs, the clinically insane, or deviants. We really don’t know much from this information. And frankly, the polls are constantly changing. The fact that Obama and Clinton are going at each other more than they are going after John McCain surely figures into this.

Your Maximum Leader, as longtime readers know, is sure that one day the rainbows, butterflies, puppies and scented flowers that spring up out of the footsteps of Barack Obama will cease to be. And that crushing day will be one where you will be able to hear your Maximum Leader shouting for joy across this great land of ours (and Canada - who’s lookin’ out for ya Skippy?)

But that day is not today…

Your Maximum Leader actually has to admit that he has a lot of respect… Well no… Not respect… Your Maximum Leader is impressed with Hillary’s moxie in (essentially) giving the middle finger to all of those insufferable Obama supporters everywhere who just wish a great dark hole would open in the earth and swallow her whole. Every day (if one watches the news) the chorus of people demanding that Hillary drop out of the race (and the tenor of reporting she receives) makes you wonder just how much many in the Democratic elite must really dislike her.


The plot to the Democrats nomination continues to thicken like arrowroot in gravy. Your Maximum Leader keeps watching.

Carry on.


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has seen a few quizes recently… Thus… They all get almagamated into a single post here.

Via Rachel:

You Belong in 1951

You’re fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

Via CalTechGirl:

bedroom toys
Powered By Miami Limo

And via the Llamas:

I scored a Groovy
45% on the
Quiz by SheGoddess: Emotional Eating

Let’s see… Pithy comments on results…

Your Maximum Leader wasn’t surprised about the results that say he should have been born in the 50’s. Well… He was a little surprised. He’d be a little too old to be a hippie. But then again, your Maximum Leader isn’t a hippie type (although he was once told that he liked his women to be “hip-y” which he took to mean “having hips”). He’d have probably been a Goldwater guy and then a grudging Nixon man.

Your Maximum Leader was a little shocked by his value in bed. Shocked at it being so high a number frankly. He’s worth it of course, but Mrs Villain frowns on things like breaking the matrimonial vows by having sex with other women. She’s actually quite a stickler about that.

And as for 45% knowledge of 70’s music… He was a little surprised at scoring so well. He pegged himself as more of a 25% type of guy.

Well… There you go…

Carry on.

More Sports

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has a lot to say, but so little time in which to type it all out. (NB to all loyal minions: Are you getting tired of your Maximum Leader starting posts this way? Do you wish that your Maximum Leader would start posting via osmosis? Via dreams? Via some other method? Would you prefer just that he just shut the hell up and get on with it?)


Your Maximum Leader is consumed with sports it seems. He has been watching his beloved Washington Nationals slip from first place in the National League East and begin to play more in line with how he expected them to play. Your Maximum Leader knows that every team in baseball will win 60 games they will lose 60 games; and that all the action is to see how many of the 42 remaining games they will win. Your Maximum Leader figured that the Nationals would likely be fighting for third place in the NL East this season. He thinks that the Mets and the Phillies will duke it out for first and that the Braves and Nats will duke it out for third. But the hot streak to open the season made your Maximum Leader lose his senses and think that the Nats were better than they were. Now he is beginning to be more sensible about it.

In other news…

If your Maximum Leader hasn’t mentioned it before, the first professional sport he started following was not baseball, but hockey. He has loved ice hockey for many years. For all of those years he’s been a Washington Capitals fan. He’s sat through triple and quadruple overtime playoff losses. He was in the stands as the Detroit Red Wings completed their sweep of the Caps in the Stanley Cup finals back in 1998. He fell away from the whole sport of hockey for a few years after the labor troubles. But this year he’s gone back to the fold. He’s gone to a few games. He’s watched games on tv. And the Caps have rewarded him.

Allow your Maximum Leader to say that he’s seen the greats of hockey in their prime. Gretzsky. Messier. Lemieux. Yzerman. And he’s seen some near greats that only hockey fans might recognize (indeed he remembers seeing a great goal (against the Caps) scored by Alexander Mogilny that stands out as one of the greatest goals he’s seen with his own eyes live and in person). Your Maximum Leader will now say that Alexander Ovechkin has the talent needed to rise to the level of the greatest to play the game. Alexander Ovechkin has pretty much carried the Capitals to their first playoffs in years. If the Capitals can build a team around Ovechkin there is a chance they could be a long-term contender.

So… This week the Caps will start their series against the Phlyers. Damn, your Maximum Leader hates the Flyers. Frankly, your Maximum Leader hates the Penguins, the Islanders, the Rangers, the Flyers, and the Rangers more than he can bring himself to hate the divisional rivals the Caps have now. (That is dating his fandom…) Gawd your Maximum Leader would love to see the Caps just spank the Flyers. He means he’d like to see the Caps just make the Flyers their bitches. It would be sweet.

Of course, having said all that… Your Maximum Leader has a lifetime of Caps first round playoff disappointment to reflect upon. He isn’t going to get his hopes up… (Okay… Maybe just a little…) But let him say that if the Caps can beat the Flyers… He might treat himself to an Ovechkin jersey in the new style.

Carry on.

Ugh. That hurts.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader knew that the whole Washington-Nationals-on-a-three-game-tear was too good to be true. Your Maximum Leader’s beloved Nats blew a 5 run lead and eventually lost the game by walking in the winning run.

It hurts your Maximum Leader to write about it. It hurts worse to link to the WaPo article describing the debacle.

Then again… Perhaps this is the Nats team your Maximum Leader should be expecting to show up this season… New ballpark not withstanding…

Carry on.

Random thoughts on politics

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has decided that rather than writing nothing, he’s going to just write crap. This is to say that he’s just going to write short blurbs about things on his mind. In this case, he’s going to just write short blurbs (not even real sentances perhaps - which is a sign of just how low he has fallen) about his thoughts on politics. They may be pithy. They may be inane. They may be insane. They may be insightful. They may (or may not) be linked. They will all be his.

Here we go:

Your Maximum Leader thought that all the talk he heard on the radio yesterday about the Democrats bickering with one another and slogging it out to see which one will get the nominiation was helping John McCain was an April Fools Joke.

Your Maximum Leader wonders when Congress will pass a “mortgage bailout” bill. He heard that “compromise language” was agreed to by House and Senate Democratic leaders. He wonders just how screwed up the final bill will be. He also wonders if George W. Bush will have the balls to veto it.

Your Maximum Leader thinks that Vladimir Putin is going to the NATO summit just to make George W. Bush’s life difficult.

Your Maximum Leader thinks that Robert Mugabe’s hold on power is near an end. (He also thinks he still owes Mrs P some royal decrees for Fidel…)

Your Maximum Leader believes that Hilary Clinton is itching to get more nasty than she has, but her staff is doing a good job keeping her on a short leash. (So to speak.)

Your Maximum Leader can no longer bear to watch Keith Olbermann on any program - even sports programs - because he is just too damned wacky.

Your Maximum Leader continues to be amused that Howard Dean is going to serve as the voice of reason and understanding in mediating the impending superdelegate problems facing his party.

Your Maximum Leader wishes he’d hear more from Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans.

Your Maximum Leader isn’t generally in favor of lots of new government regulation of financial markets, but if the alternative is “bailing out” investment banks… Well… Some new regulation is likely in order.

Why is it that when your Maximum Leader scans the crowds in the background at Obama rallies he doesn’t seem many attractive women. He was led to believe that all Obama supporters would look like that “Obama girl” from that You Tube video. Your Maximum Leader rarely - in fact never - sees anyone that good looking at his rallies. Can we sue Obama over this? Isn’t it false advertising? Shouldn’t we invoke some sort of “equal time” regulation to get more good looking supporters in the background? Your Maximum Leader pledges to you now that if there are crowds standing in rapt attention behind your Maximum Leader while he is speaking during the Mike World Order that all members of the crowd will be models and super hawt. (Your Maximum Leader typed “hawt” that way just for Joan of Arrggh.)

There you go… Random thoughts on politics…

Later… Random thoughts on pop culture!

Carry on.

100 below: Bad Luck

Cletus Lake walked into the liquor store. He went to the single shelf where they kept the fancy wine from California. He was buying a bottle to celebrate.

After a lifetime of digging coal, Cletus’ wildest dreams were on the verge of realization. His life was suddenly changed.

As he approached the register a man with a shotgun burst in. He asked for money. The shopkeeper went for his gun.

Instantly Cletus was lying on the floor dying.

The paramedics did their best. They failed to notice the winning lottery ticket in Cletus’ pocket – soaking up blood.

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