World Series Champions!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is a little tired this morning. He didn’t sleep much or well last night. Why you may ask yourself?


Good times.

Very good times.

He waited his whole life (practically) before his beloved Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018. He is happy that he only had to wait 15 years to see his baseball team win the World Series.

He suspects he’ll be seeing some Nationals players swimming in fountains before too long.

The Nats stayed in the fight. They won the fight. We should all try to go 1-0 every day.

Carry on.
The Nat’s curly “W”


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader religiously follows two sports. They are hockey and baseball. He loves his Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals. Two years ago, during the playoff run that culminated with his beloved Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, he was always hopeful that they would win but held out an understanding that they may not. When they were down during the Columbus series, and again during the Tampa series, he had years (decades really) of experience weighing on him and telling him that this was likely the end of the run. But it wasn’t. The Caps kept winning, and eventually raised the Cup in Vegas (and all around the Nation’s Capital and the world).

Your Maximum Leader is having the same sort of feeling, more or less, about his beloved Nationals right now. He was very worried during the Wild Card play in game. Then he was worried at many point during the Dodgers series. He’ll admit that the Cardinals seemed generally overmatched by the Nationals in that 4 game sweep. And finally, in the first two games of the World Series he has been a little on edge. Okay, he wasn’t on edge after the 7th inning of game 2, but he was until then. He still feels like the Astros are a strong team and will likely win a game (or two). He likes his National’s odds right now. But there is a lot of baseball left to play…

Carry on.

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