Microburst/Tornado/Windy-Rainy Terror.

Greetings, loyal minions. You Maximum Leader thinks he and the Villainschloss dodged a bullet last night. He’s heard that his area might have made the regional (like Mid-Atlantic region) news. His neighborhood was hard hit last night be wind, rain, and hail. It was a terrible storm. One of the worst your Maximum Leader can remember. Luckily it passed quickly, but not before knocking out power (which is not unusual in his neighborhood actually), and knocking down so many trees. At least 2 houses on the main street of the neighborhood were lightly damaged by falling trees. By light damage he means glancing blows where a competent roofer will likely be able to finish the repairs in half a day. But one house had two trees fall directly on to it. The fire department and building inspector told them they had to evacuate and stay elsewhere until the county could do a safety inspection. Your Maximum Leader feels particularly badly for the homeowners. They bought the house (which was in very very bad shape) at an estate auction. They have been working on it all through COVID and just got it finished about 2-3 months ago. They were so happy and proud of their home - as they should be. Now to have this happen is no good. Villainette #1 was good enough to get some dog food and dog treats for their 2 dogs. We also got them the number of a hotel in the area that will take them and their dogs. It is going to be a tough row to hoe for them.

Beyond the immediate neighborhood, there is a lot of damage. Lots of trees lost. Lots of cars damaged. Quite a number of homes. It is not looking very good right now. But give it a few weeks and it may be mostly back to normal. At least your Maximum Leader hopes it will be.

Carry on.

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