Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is a man. This is known. He has a tendency towards what has been referred to by a woman friend as “man search” for things. A “man search” is where a man (or boy - a male) is asked to look for something (generally by a woman) and he looks around for the something but cannot seem to find it though it is in plain sight. The man looks right past the something in question and claims he can’t find it. The woman then follows behind and takes great glee in pointing out the something and observing that it was in plain sight and she can’t understand how he missed it. This is often followed by a longish conversation in which getting an vision check is suggested and griping by the woman that she can’t trust the man to accomplish a simple task.

Your Maximum Leader brings this up because he has “man searched” for two items in the past 24 hours and is now wondering if he should get his eyes checked. The second object in question was a 10 foot long collapsable table set against a wall in a well-traveled location. He probably passes this table 4-6 times a day and just “didn’t see it.”

There is probably some fancy sciencey term for this…

Carry on.

Learn About Commas

Greetings loyal minions. You should go and learn more about commas over at my friend’s, Kevin, place. He is, quite, smart on, these, things.

Commas, Part 1.

Your Maximum Leader, should, be more conscious of his own, comma, usage.

Carry on.

UPDATED: Your Maximum Leader’s subtle attempt at some comma humor, by setting off “Kevin” in commas just looked like a error. So he has gone whole hog on improper comma use. Go over to Kevin’s site and check out more comma goodness.

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