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Jesus Stunt

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees on the Washington Post that “leading archeologists” are claiming the whole Discovery Channel/James Cameron “Lost Tomb of Jesus” is a publicity stunt.

Your Maximum Leader must ask, is it sweeps time again? Is Discovery looking to up its advertising rates? He forgets when these times of year are, but he suspects that when there is a rash of programming he wants to see - or programming that he hears/reads a lot about - it is generally sweeps time.


Your Maximum Leader likes this part of the WaPo article:

Jodi Magness, an archaeologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, expressed irritation that the claims were made at a news conference rather than in a peer-reviewed scientific article. By going directly to the media, she said, the filmmakers “have set it up as if it’s a legitimate academic debate, when the vast majority of scholars who specialize in archaeology of this period have flatly rejected this,” she said.

Magness noted that at the time of Jesus, wealthy families buried their dead in tombs cut by hand from solid rock, putting the bones in niches in the walls and then, later, transferring them to ossuaries.

She said Jesus came from a poor family that, like most Jews of the time, probably buried their dead in ordinary graves. “If Jesus’ family had been wealthy enough to afford a rock-cut tomb, it would have been in Nazareth, not Jerusalem,” she said.


You heard it from your Maximum Leader first.
Carry on.

A man named Bear.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has made it a habit of reading the sports blog “Kissing Suzy Kolber” every day. A recent post by Big Daddy Drew concerning the Minnesota Vikings coaching job made your Maximum Leader laugh so hard he nearly had to go to the bathroom. Drew’s choice for the job, Discovery Channel’s Bear Gryllis, star of Man vs Wild.

Your Maximum Leader caught one episode of Man vs Wild a little while ago. He will likely try to see more. In addition to all the cool things Drew says about Bear Gryllis, your Maximum Leader will add one item… Gryllis has a son named Marmaduke. Very cool.

Carry on.

Old Slow Trot

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is a student of history. Indeed, he studied it quite extensively in college and at graduate school. But as many readers of this blog will know, your Maximum Leader is not a particular fan of the American Civil War. Indeed, in his mind the Civil War itself is not very interesting. He means this in a strategic sense. The end of the American Civil War was a foregone conclusion from the beginning.

Now your Maximum Leader has heard all the protestations against his view before. You can make all the “what if” arguments you like. All these “what ifs” will present a case that “if Lee had done this” or “if Longstreet had done that” or if “the South could have gotten Britain or France in the war on their side” then the outcome of the war would be different. For many years, your Maximum Leader bought into these “what ifs.” He’d say from the age of about 13 to 20 he would have agreed in a bunch of hypotheticals concerning the Civil War.

But, one day sitting in a favorite history professor’s dining room partaking of tomato sandwiches he had an eye opening conversation. (Indeed there were two eye openers that night. The first one was that garden-grown tomatos, generously sliced, served in the middle of a hot biscut with mayo and salt were pretty damned tasty. But that is another story…) His professor, a wise and somewhat eccentric man who had once run for Congress as a “Troublemaker” - who by the way was thought to be a great advocate of “the South,” asked if your Maximum Leader had done his diplomatic history course reading for the week. Surprisingly your Maximum Leader had done the reading. It was some synopsis of the diplomacy engaged in by the Union to keep Britain and France out of the Civil War.

His professor asked a question to the effect of “well, would a Confederate victory at Antietam or some such place have brought in either European power?” Your Maximum Leader, without much reflection, said that it was possible if this or that happened. At this your Maximum Leader’s professor smiled widely. It was the smile that said, “You foolish young boy.”

He then proceeded to exposit on the many reasons why neither Britain nor France would have ever gotten themselves involved in the Civil War. He then discoursed on why the Confederacy could never have won the Civil War. By the end of the talk your Maximum Leader had a lot to think about.

Over the next few years, various courses required that your Maximum Leader learn more about the Civil War than he wanted to. He eventually came to the conclusion that if there was anything interesting to study in the Civil War it all tactical. This is to say that the battles were interesting to learn about from a tactical perspective. It is also true that the ineptitude of Union Generals in the early years of the war is pretty interesting.

Now, moving on, your Maximum Leader was born in Virginia. He would say that insofar as one is “proud” of one’s home state, he is a proud Virginian. He loves his state and thinks there is a lot to commend it above other states. If you happen to be a proud Virginian, you have a battery of very fine fellows you can bandy about in historical discussions. Virginia’s favorite sons as they are. The list generally goes like this: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, (sometimes Monroe, Henry, and Mason), and Lee. The list almost always ends with Lee.

Now… Your Maximum Leader has been greatly conflicted about Robert Edward Lee for most of his adult life. As a boy, when you think simplistically about history, Robert Edward Lee is a great and admirable figure. While Lee exists in a lofty pantheon, there is an element of humanity to him. He seems more approachable than does Washington. Washington is like a deity - who’s stern glower watches our every action off the dollar bill. But you see a photo of Lee and you feel drawn to him. He seems like a kindly grandfather. He seems a little sad, but you feel empathy towards him.

Then there is the common depiction of Lee. The graceful gentleman. The courteous cavalier. The noble warrior. Hardly anyone has a bad thing to say about Robert Edward Lee.

Frankly, there is one really bad thing you can say about Robert Edward Lee in your Maximum Leader’s opinion. He fought for the wrong side. That fact has caused your Maximum Leader’s conscience concern when he gets a little too warm-hearted towards Robert E Lee. Your Maximum Leader would have a warm-fuzzy feeling about Robert E. Lee, then that feeling would immediately be followed by the cold-prickly assessment of reason. In the end, your Maximum Leader finds that he doesn’t have feelings towards Lee at all now. No positive or negative feelings. He is just a historical figure of some importance to our National story.

So your Maximum Leader doesn’t admire Robert E. Lee. He has never admired other Confederate Generals. Frankly, while he recognizes the military genius of Grant and Sherman; they are flawed characters your Maximum Leader doesn’t find particularly admirable either.

So, imagine your Maximum Leader’s surprise when he received his new copy of Smithsonian Magazine. In it there was a very god article on George Henry Thomas. Don’t get Smithsonian? Well here is a link: Catching up with Old Slow Trot in Smithsonian Magazine.

Your Maximum Leader remembers seeing Thomas’ name in various books he’s read. But he doesn’t remember much else. Well, he remembers the “Rock of Chickamauga” appelation; but not much else.

After reading the article, your Maximum Leader thought to himself, “Self, here might be a Civil War general worthy of some adirmation.” Although the article states that no serious biography has been written about Thomas, and thus he has gotten short shrift from history. That is really too bad. Your Maximum Leader hopes that some enterprising historian will put together a biography of this interesting (and perhaps admirable) figure.

Carry on.

Dreamy Oscar Viwing

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, as longtime readers know, is something of a fan of the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt. At the risk of offending readers who are looking for more villainy and less dreamy “Love,” your Maximum Leader is going to post another photo of the beautiful Miss Hewitt.

Yes, yes. He hears your protestations now. There was a photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt looking particularly dreamy posted here last week. That is true. It was her birthday. This new photo is more recent. It was taking at the Oscar viewing party she hosted out in LA on Sunday. (Alas, your Maximum Leader’s invite must have been delayed in the cross-country mail…) So this photo, as it is newer, is better.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looking dreamy.

Many thanks to loyal minion Mike L, for pointing your Maximum Leader in the direction of these photos over at Hollywood Tuna.

Carry on.

UPDATE FROM YOUR MAXIMUM LEADER: Stop the presses! The Hanes company has announced that the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt will be their new spokeswoman for the new and improved All-Over Comfort Bra with ComfortSoft¨®?‹ Straps. According to the release:

Hewitt will debut in her first Hanes television ad on March 1 using 15- and 30-second spots where viewers will get a sneak peek into a day in her life at a fictional photo shoot with the actress. As she navigates through a gamut of wardrobe changes, coordinated by stylist-to-the-stars Jessica Paster, Hewitt dons various looks from rocker to romantic, until she decides that even the most fabulous designer dress doesn’t look stylish or camera-ready with a bra strap that continuously slips off her shoulder. Hewitt discards the ill-fitting bra, and puts on her Hanes All-Over Comfort Bra with ComfortSoft Straps. Problem resolved - now she is fashionable and comfortable once again.

You know, your Maximum Leader is told that there is nothing more dreamy than Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Hanes All-Over Comfort Bra with ComfortSoft Straps.

Your Maximum Leader now thinks that there might be an official bra of the Mike World Order…

Rest assured, loyal minions. When these ads are available on You Tube, they will be available at Naked Villainy.

Carry on.

Jesus’ Tomb - A question.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader saw filmmakers James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici on the Today show this morning. They were talking about their new Discovery Channel film “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” Perhaps you saw the piece on the Today show, or perhaps you are just reading about it on the new wires or something. Here is a peice off the AP news wire. Here is the bit from the Today show itself.

Now… Your Maximum Leader is neither an archeologist, nor a theologian. Niether is he a statistician nor is he a DNA expert. But from time to time a few ideas cross his mind that no one else seems to mention.

Here is one… Why would Jesus’ family buy a tomb outside Jerusalem when they were from Nazareth?

After consulting his Times Atlas of the World, your Maximum Leader estimates that Nazareth and Jerusalem are about 60 miles apart. That seems like an awfully long distance to travel in ancient times with a corpse for burial. Also, doesn’t jewish law require burial as soon as possible? Your Maximum Leader always took this to mean a burial within a day or two. It seems as though it would take a while to go 60 miles. (Figure a cart drawn by an ox or ass travels about 4 mph over level terrain. That means it would take about 15 hours to travel 60 miles.) This little calculation doesn’t even begin to take into account preparation/purification of the body. Then the mourning period of the immediate family added on to the burial time and travel.

It all seems a little improbable doesn’t it?

Then there is the point made by The Colossus on his blog. Wasn’t Jesus’ family of modest means? Wouldn’t a crypt and fancy sarcophogi be a real luxury?

Unless Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary moved to Jerusalem at some point during Jesus’ life, it doesn’t make sense that they would spend lots of money on a family crypt there. Did your Maximum Leader miss something concerning Joseph and Mary’s residency?

Your Maximum Leader will admit that he might watch the special on Discovery. Just to see if this simple question is addressed.

Then again… It might just frustrate him and make him turn it off.

Carry on.

Beware the Whale.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is working with the beautiful, witty, and intelligent blog-goddess Sadie to fix up some issues here at Naked Villainy. (BTW, if you need work done to your blog - contact Apothgem. They’re da bomb.)

So, while work is going on, your Maximum Leader might be posting lightly over the next few days.


Sort of like Big Stupid Tommy, your Maximum Leader just loves this clip…

Your Maximum Leader is smiling and laughing just thinking about this clip…

Carry on.

Ask and ye shall recieve…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure if he should take credit, or give credit for this story.

Yesterday, your Maximum Leader agreed with the Irish Elk that there needed to be more fighting in hockey…

Last night is the Sabres v. Senators game… 163 penalty minutes doled out for fighting

Beauty, eh?

Okay… Okay… This isn’t exactly the type of fight your Maximum Leader or the Irish Elk (if your Maximum Leader may presume to speak for him) were talking about. Your Maximum Leader is all for have some “enforcers” out on the ice from time to time to “clear the ice” for your star players to be star players. In one of the linked articles (in the previous post) Rob Simpson (of the Netminders blog) provides some good thoughts and a good anecdote on the subect. It goes:

Instigator rule when Gretzky ruled the ice!? Ahhh no. When Gretzky was piling up points at an unheard of rate, he had a Mr. Dave Semenko on his wing, and later a Mr. Marty McSorley on his wing, to “create some room on the ice” for Mr. Gretzky. Cheap shot Wayner… hello Mr. Semenko. Think that was a deterrent. Yes, yes, yes. Mr. Semenko could dish out justice whenever necessary because there was no instigator penalty. A fight was a fight… and usually justified. If the heavyweights wanted to “go” for some entertainment or to get the team going, no instigator. Wayner doesn’t break the records, Wayner’s possibly not the “Great One”, if Wayner doesn’t have protection. Anyone who thinks he would have skated around unscathed without protection is living in a absolute fantasy world. He wasn’t Howe, a guy who provided his own protection. Toughest guy/leading scorer combo’s (as the same guy) are extremely rare. If every leading scorer was also the most intimidating guy on the ice, then I guess the instigator rule wouldn’t matter.

Kevin Paul Dupont recently told a story in one of his columns about former NHLer Tom Laidlaw (I think it was Laidlaw) who told a good Semenko story. (paraphrasing) Laidlaw hit Gretzky. Gretzky went down. Semenko came off the bench moments later and said to Tom “you’re not planning on doing that again are you Tom?”. Laidlaw, said, “umm, no, I think that’s it.” A story which shows an example of “creating room on the ice”; a dormant, formerly common, term in hockey.

For those of you not familiar with the “instigator” rule, it is essentially a recent rule added to hockey that calls for increasing penalty time followed by game suspensions for players who “instigate” fights.

Insofar as your Maximum Leader is concerned, there is a place for fighting in hockey. Unfortunately, the Commissioner and NHL Board of Governor don’t seem to agree.

Carry on.

Sickness, Olde Tyme Hockey, & Stuff

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is under all sorts of pressure right now. The Wee Villain is not well. He has a nasty illness and we’ve now discovered that he is likely allergic to the medicine he’s been given. Not lots of fun. As you can imagine, your Maximum Leader has little time to blog today.

But before he goes…

Let him commend to you this post over at Irish Elk. Your Maximum Leader agrees with the sentiment. Sometimes a good fight is what you need in hockey to show that you can’t be pushed around. It is part of the game and should be. Your Maximum Leader happens to like the old “Canadian” style game a little better than the “International” game. Plus, your Maximum Leader would like to see more clips of Don Cherry narrating fights saying “Look here. Two guys mixing it up a little. Nothing wrong with that.”

Did you see the squid gigante that those fishermen caught the other day? Did ya? It is cool. Here is a linky link.

Also… Have you been following the breakdown of the Italian government? Your Maximum Leader has. You know, he ought to try and learn italian so that he can read the papers over there and find out more about what is going on. Until then, he’ll have to settle for the news wires. Frankly, your Maximum Leader hopes for the most unlikely outcome - which is new elections. It is more likely that Romano Prodi will form a new coalition government with mostly left-center parties. He might jettison some of his hard-left supports and tryand woo some right-center groups to join the coalition.

But elections would be cooler…

Your Maximum Leader will report, sadly, that the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt did not accept your Maximum Leader’s invitation to dinner yesterday to celebrate her birthday. It is probably just as well since the Wee Villain wasn’t up to snuff… But she was kind enough to do an interview with CNN in which she said she’d like to be a dork… Jennifer, Love, be sure your Maximum Leader likes you just the way you are.

And finally… One last call for bloggers/people in the greater DC area who might want to see the play Richard III with your Maximum Leader… Contact your Maximum Leader if you’re interested…

Carry on.


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, upon checking his calendar, discovered that today was noteworthy for two reasons.

The first reason is that it is Ash Wednesday and a holy day of obligation to those of you who are Catholic, unreformed Anglican, traditionalist Episcopal, or some other Christian sect that is beginning the season of Lent.

The second reason, and the major reason behind this post, is that on this day (February 21) in 1979 the super dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt was born. Yes, the dreamy Miss Hewitt is, today, 28 years old. This makes her slightly less than 10 years younger than your Maximum Leader. But hey! Do silly things like age really mean anything in these times?

The dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt is, as longtime readers know, the object of your Maximum Leader’s purely platonic affections. (He is afterall a happily married man.) Unlike other bloggers who yearn for the day that the dreamy Miss Hewitt bares herself on screen or in print, your Maximum Leader finds her decision to not bend to objectification admirable. While the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt might be a typical (misguided) Hollywood liberal type, she does seem to have her heart in the right place. Compared to other starlets out there, the dreamy Miss Hewitt doesn’t do anything that would make one want to cover the kids eyes lest they see something they shouldn’t on the television.

Happy day “Love.” Your Maximum Leader wishes you many happy returns.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in all her dreamyness

Ah… She’s looking mighty dreamy…

Carry on.

Vice Presidential Ambition

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been intentionally avoiding all the 2008 presidential race news stories. He finds it disgusting that we should be embroiled in a campaign with so long left before a general election. That said, he did chance to read an interesting peice on NRO today by Bruce Bartlett.

In this piece Bartlett makes and interesting point about which your Maximum Leader hadn’t really ever thought. Allow him to quote Bartlett:

Another virtue of having a vice president with ambitions of his own is that he is the only senior White House official in a position to resist the sycophancy that always surrounds the president. This is important because presidents live in a bubble, surrounded by people who owe their power and position solely to him. They are loath to be seen as “out of the loop” or to read news stories about their imminent departure, when they had no such plans. This tends to make the White House staff highly responsive to the president’s wants, biases and whims.

Once into a second term, the vice president cannot be fired and his own ambitions will encourage him to pressure the president into adopting policies and taking positions that will be popular with voters. Since presidents cannot run for a third term, they would otherwise be totally impervious to public opinion. If a vice president hopes to be elected president himself, he has a strong incentive to advise the president to adopt policies that will make it easier for him to win.

For these reasons, I think Dick Cheney’s lack of ambition for the presidency has been more of a handicap to Bush than the blessing he sees it as. It has fostered insularity at the White House and closed off an important avenue of influence to the president that has encouraged him to take a “go it alone” attitude, which is bad both for the country and the Republican party.

Your Maximum Leader, who harbors no ill feelings towards the current Vice President, thinks that Bartlett might be on to something here. By selecting Cheney, Bush got a competent, ideological, subordinate for the number two job in the country. With the tendency of the modern President to involved the Vice President in governance, that seemed like a wise choice. In 2000 your Maximum Leader supported the idea of a “good manager” as Vice President. Cheney would help Bush implement his policies and run the ship of state.

No in retrospect, perhaps having a man with his own political ambitions might have been a better course. To be completely honest, your Maximum Leader thinks that the best role for the Vice President of the United States is one that keeps the VP out of policy making, out of the loop, and pretty much out of Washington DC. But it seems as the good ole days where the Vice Presidency wasn’t worth a bucket of warm piss have passed.

Carry o.

Stop! Listen! Do you smell something?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was, a few days ago, very amused by the following piece on the news wires: Hybrid cars dangerously quiet for pedestrians: US blind group.

It seems that the blind prefer to hear the cars careening towards them, rather than being taken by surprise and just struck. The article begins: An

association of blind Americans has warned that cars with hybrid engines using electricy and fuel are dangerously too quiet for pedestrians.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) said hybrid cars pose a risk to the blind, children, the elderly, cyclists and distracted pedestrians.

The group said it conducted tests with blind people.

“We had the car drive by in different situations, to see wether or not people could hear it and use the sound of the car to safely cross the street, and they could not. The car was just silent,” NFB spokesman John Pare told AFP.

Pare said NFB does not want to add to noise pollution, but hybrid cars should not be less noisy than other cars.

Damnation! People want hybrid car to be more efficent than normal cars. They want them to be built to the same safety specifications as normal cars. They want them to have the same “giddiyap” as normal cars. Now they want them to be just as noisy as normal cars.

Here’s a thought… Buy a normal car. Your Maximum Leader doubts that a blind person would fail to hear the approach of the Villainmobile’s 400 horsepower V-8 engine. Indeed, the blind are frozen as the Villainmobile grows near to them.

The article ends with a statement that Toyota, among other makers of hybrid cars, are looking for ways to make them safer. Here’s an idea… You’ve heard of deer whistles? How about whistles for the blind? Mount them to the hood/front bumper and go 35…

BTW, kudos to the reader who id’s the post title…

Carry on.

Damn your eyes!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader decided that he would take along a Flashman book to read during his little weekend getaway. He wound up taking Flashman’s Lady.

Now, your Maximum Leader has had “Flashman’s Lady” on the shelf marked “to be read” for a while. He doesn’t know how he skipped it (since it is a fairly early Flashy book)… Regardless… He picked it up and started reading.

Well… Guess what? Due to a printing error two pages of the book are not to be found. Page 43/44 and page 87/88. These pages appear to not have been printed. (To be clear, the pages are skipped, they have not been removed.)

Your Maximum Leader was so put out by this he actually called Plume Books (a Division of Penguin Books) and complained. He was informed that he should take the books back to the place of purchase to exchange them. Your Maximum Leader - today - with is aching back (another story) - went to Borders to exchange the book… Guess what? The other copy of Flashman’s Lady has the same printing error. To your Maximum Leader’s chagrin, the Borders person said that he wouldn’t send the book back to the publisher. The book didn’t seem ‘damaged’ enough to warrant a return to the publisher. Your Maximum Leader protested that two friggin pages of the bleedin’ book were missing and that any sensible person would feel put out by the inconvenience of it all.

Your Maximum Leader’s protestations came to naught. Your Maximum Leader damned the eyes of the bookseller and departed. He made careful note of the bookseller’s name - so that when the Mike World Order comes that person can be liquidated.

If any kindly minions reading this happen to have intact copies of “Flashman’s Lady” handy and wouldn’t mind copying/faxing or scanning/e-mailing the pages to him; he appreciate it very much.

By the way… Outside of Flashy, your Maximum Leader hadn’t heard many people using the expression “Damn your eyes!” If you haven’t heard it, try listening to Johnny Cash’s song “Sam Hall.” Great little song.

Carry on.

Not Dead Yet

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is pleased to state that he is not dead yet. Although, if the Wee Villain (aged 2) wants to watch Cars one more time; your Maximum Leader might just expire.

Your Maximum Leader was quite busy towards the end of last week. Then on Friday he took an unexpected trip with family (a fun trip at that) out to the beach for the weekend. All these things conspired to mean that he did not post.

But then again you knew that… At least you knew if if you had been checking in to see what new and exciting posts had been… um… posted by your Maximum Leader.


There were many things that your Maximum Leader wanted to post about during the past few days. Some items he’ll blog about over the next few days, and others will just be consigned to the ash-heap of unblogged yet interesting ideas.

For instance, your Maximum Leader wanted to blog about the Antony/Cleopatra coin. But Robbo got to the Burton/Taylor line first.

Interestingly enough, like Robbo, your Maximum Leader just had a lengthy discussion with both Villainettes and Mrs Villain about Cleopatra, Antony, and Julius and Octavian Ceasar. On our little road trip the eldest Villainette chose to bring a book about Cleopatra to read on the ride. She wound up reading the book aloud. Periodically, Mrs Villain would interrupt Villainette #1’s narrative to ask a question about how the book differed from what we have been seeing on the HBO series Rome. Eventually, your Maximum Leader was obliged to give a quick run-down of Roman history from the triumvarite of Crassus, Ceasar, and Pompey down to Octavian becoming the Princeps and the earliest days of the Empire. (There was also the exposition of Cleopatra, the Ptolemeys, Alexander the Great and if Egyptians are “black” africans.)

Mrs. Villain was disappointed, but not surprised, that the HBO series would play so fast and loose with history. Afterall, this particular patch of history lends itself to dramatisation. Your Maximum Leader, during the first season of Rome, had the same issue. But, eventually he just decided to go along with the story - inaccuracies and all - because the writing and acting was pretty good.

Indeed, if your Maximum Leader has one major complaint about the series it is that they seem to be in a rush to tell the story. Good lord, they covered so much ground last season it shouldn’t surprise him that they are moving so fast now. Last season went from Ceasar in Gaul, to Ceasar in Egypt, to Ceasar in Rome, to Ceasar expiring on the Senate floor. This season they will likely get all the way to Antony and Cleopatra’s death and Octavian becoming Augustus. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure, but he doesn’t think there will be a third season of Rome. If there were, they’d have to start getting some new characters introduced and prepar for the existing ones to get old real soon.

But your Maximum Leader digresses…

He only wanted you all to know he’d not died… More to come later…

Carry on.

Late to the Firefly Party

As I have been living overseas for the last….9 years, I have missed out on just about all of the “must see” TV in that time period.

I was able to watch the first season (taped) of 24 a few years ago, and a friend loaned me targate Atlantis (season one) last summer, but that has been about it.

On a couple of unrelated forums I stop by from time to time, I noticed that there was a buzz about a show that was briefly on the air in 2002 on Fox, but was canceled after about 10 episodes.

The show was Firefly (take a look )


I am interested in what the other Ministers think about this (Hey! Propaganda Minister… what was your take?) as I think it was one of the coolest shows ever on TV.

So if you haven’t seen it, you can get the entire show on DVD for around 15 bucks. It will probably be the best DVD investment you make in 2007.

Back to the trenches….


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been mistreating you. By mistreating you he means “not posting regularly.” He would say he is sorry. But he feels that on this day, of all days - Valentine’s Day, love really doesn’t mean having to say you’re sorry. In fact, if you had been paying close attention, you would have realized that you could have read your Maximum Leader over on The Hatemonger’s Quarterly.

Did you catch that? Your Maximum Leader was guest “weblogging” at HMQ for the past few weekdays. Did you miss his posts? He wrote a few.

Here is one on fashion.

Here is one on the impeding ruin of American sports.

Here is a retraction of a previous post on Fidel Castro.

Here is a post with a distinct lack of focus as it hits on astronauts and the Republican Senators “foiling” Iraq debate.

Here is your Maximum Leader’s take on the Grammy awards.

And finally here are some thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

See! That is a lot of bloggy goodness there.

Pity you missed it…

Your Maximum Leader will also go on record, yet again, and say that guesting for the Crack Young Staff is good fun. He hopes to be able to do it again.

Carry on.

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