Late to the Firefly Party

As I have been living overseas for the last….9 years, I have missed out on just about all of the “must see” TV in that time period.

I was able to watch the first season (taped) of 24 a few years ago, and a friend loaned me targate Atlantis (season one) last summer, but that has been about it.

On a couple of unrelated forums I stop by from time to time, I noticed that there was a buzz about a show that was briefly on the air in 2002 on Fox, but was canceled after about 10 episodes.

The show was Firefly (take a look )


I am interested in what the other Ministers think about this (Hey! Propaganda Minister… what was your take?) as I think it was one of the coolest shows ever on TV.

So if you haven’t seen it, you can get the entire show on DVD for around 15 bucks. It will probably be the best DVD investment you make in 2007.

Back to the trenches….

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