Iowa Caucus Haiku

Huckabee victory
Evangelical power
Beware New Hampshire

Moneybags Romney
Outspends seventeen to one
Not good investment

AWOL John McCain
Chosen by thirteen percent
Will he rock Concord?

Somnolent Thompson
Fails to excite Iowans
Law and Order bore

Ron Paul – ten percent!
Libertarian triumph
Stoners celebrate

Hillary derailed
Who’s inevitable now?
Obama, momma!

Demagogue Edwards
Own success puts the lie to
Two Americas

Richardson, Biden
Dodd are dead on arrival
The Veepstakes begin

Smallholder Returns

Naked villainy:
Has lackluster blog posting
Reduced our traffic?

Never fear, minions
Smallholder returns in style
Chews gum, kicks ass

Deviant Marriage?
A vociferous defense!
That’s how I roll, punk!

Sensible gov’ment?
Smallholder condemns Congress,

Wanna pick a fight?
Do your worst! Loose the canines!
I’m, all outta gum

I’d write a sonnet
But the lovely Ally says
Just haiku, farmer

More Smallholder Haiku

Chevrolet Corvette
William Overcompensates
Ain’t foolin’ no one

Skippy on Hewitt:
Humungous head Mongoloid
Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hot chick arbitration
Pressly or Moss or Hewitt
Let Skippy decide

Sonnet for Ally
Creepy is my middle name
Poetry pending

Blogger Haiku For No Particular Reason

Dead sexy? What’s that?
Smallholder prefers women
With a bloody pulse

Semen sabatoeur
Spiteful Sadie seeks solace
Siccing Smallholder

Kudos to Ally
JP in green stilettos
Drool on my keyboard

Who moved my truth?
Abortion debate hangs me
Out to dry. Of course.

MoP in funk
Ally refrains from posting
Skanky crack whore pics

Maximum Leader
AWOL yet again
While the cat’s away…

Ho cruxifiction?
Photoshoped Golgotha
Cheeky Blasphemer!

Commenting William
Blaming pernicious teachers
Smallholder is hurt

Commenting William
Scores highly for heresy
Jehovah’s Witness

What are you, William?
An effeminite pansy?
Unicorn blog post!

Smallholder uses
Religious hyperbole
Memento objects

Disclaimer? No need
Brian will set the record straight
Mark is heretic.

Eugene McCarthy Haikus

Sixty Eight Clean Gene
No light at the tunnel’s end
Quitter LBJ

Hippy candidate
Defeated by Kennedy
Dies at 88

Flavor of tear gas
The Chicago Convention
Humphrey Not Eugene

Create your own haiku in the comments.

Poitical Haiku

Scooter indicted
Rusty: Perjury not bad
Moinca’s man: Whew!

Oil companies gouge
Bad oil! What right do they have?
Um… supply/demand?

Denver has decided
MJ Legalization
Bigho books a flight

Pro-life hails Alito
Suckers! Reverence toward
Stare decisis

Where is the Foreign Minister?

He has a new hobby.

Via Michael Yon.

Coldblooded hamster
Cruelly dueling to the death
Die, Fuzzy! Die! Die!

Can’t… Stop… Self

See Serenity
Rapier wit dialogue
Cool explosions too

Geico ads stupid
The unofficial amphib?
Toddlers know better

The Luddites Were Right
Tractors are bad for farmers
Grab a shovel, man!

Haiku for Sadie

Sadie taking break
Alas, no joy in Mudville
My barn feels empty

Oh Heck - I AM Feeling Political Today

Who says cronyism?
How is horse breeding really
Diff-rent from FEMA?

Luttig and Gonzales
Sadly weep and gnash their teeth
In outer darkness

Yes confirmation
No dangerous paper trail
Lipstick on Bush butt

Overturn Roe v Wade?
Defang the Christian right wing?
Surely you must jest

Smallholder admits
Maximum Lader right
Duck the flying pigs

Memento Moron
Likely to savage MA?
Prob-ly will happen

Rusty Shackleford
Refuses to drink Kool-Aid
Delink apostate!

Will Big Hominid
Dig the new category?
Write feces haiku?

Fistful of Fortnights
Bereft of the MOP
Irish Lad sleeps soundly

Bill’s Comments will
Blame poor education for
Smallholder’s opinions

MOP Salt Lake
Conservative Mormons flee
Comes for your daughters

Foreign Minister
Silently drinks German beer
Will he bash MA?

Smallholder goes right
Says “I likee me rifle”
Joining NRA?

Groundhog Haiku

Lest you think Smallholder has gone all political:

Fat obnoxious turd
Making holes in the pasture
Eat hot lead you punk

Mrs. Smallholder
Is finally out of patience
She says feed the pigs

Caddyshack not true
307 rounds do kill
Non-puppet groundhogs

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