Smallholder Returns

Naked villainy:
Has lackluster blog posting
Reduced our traffic?

Never fear, minions
Smallholder returns in style
Chews gum, kicks ass

Deviant Marriage?
A vociferous defense!
That’s how I roll, punk!

Sensible gov’ment?
Smallholder condemns Congress,

Wanna pick a fight?
Do your worst! Loose the canines!
I’m, all outta gum

I’d write a sonnet
But the lovely Ally says
Just haiku, farmer


Smallholder’s return
haiku is lackluster and
does not drive traffic

sadie said:

I must protesteth oh so much, Maximum Leader!

Why do I protest? I am simply overjoyed to see the sexiest blogging farmer return. Don’t quote me on that, though.

Oh, quote you I will, my pretty.

In fact, I’m convening a family council and asking Mrs. Smallholder, Jaime, Evangeline, and Alyssa to vote you in as wife number five.

The Minister of Propaganda might be jealous, but we’ll just call that the icing on the wedding cake.

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