Eugene McCarthy Haikus

Sixty Eight Clean Gene
No light at the tunnel’s end
Quitter LBJ

Hippy candidate
Defeated by Kennedy
Dies at 88

Flavor of tear gas
The Chicago Convention
Humphrey Not Eugene

Create your own haiku in the comments.


Smallholder po-
-etry: bad bad bad bad bad
MoP is cool

Dullard MoP
Jumps headlong into shark tank
Bring it on Yalie

Hollywood lib’ral
Challenging centrist farmer
Begging for smackdown

Think before you leap
Farmer foe needs no shovel
Smallholder owns pigs

Poor Mop yearns
Woos delectable Sadie
Smallholder’s too cute

Sadie compares two:
Wow! Agrarian Adonis

The last poem was supposed to end in giggles in the little sharp boxes to indicate action, but I think I tripped on html code or something.

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