Oh Heck - I AM Feeling Political Today

Who says cronyism?
How is horse breeding really
Diff-rent from FEMA?

Luttig and Gonzales
Sadly weep and gnash their teeth
In outer darkness

Yes confirmation
No dangerous paper trail
Lipstick on Bush butt

Overturn Roe v Wade?
Defang the Christian right wing?
Surely you must jest

Smallholder admits
Maximum Lader right
Duck the flying pigs

Memento Moron
Likely to savage MA?
Prob-ly will happen

Rusty Shackleford
Refuses to drink Kool-Aid
Delink apostate!

Will Big Hominid
Dig the new category?
Write feces haiku?

Fistful of Fortnights
Bereft of the MOP
Irish Lad sleeps soundly

Bill’s Comments will
Blame poor education for
Smallholder’s opinions

MOP Salt Lake
Conservative Mormons flee
Comes for your daughters

Foreign Minister
Silently drinks German beer
Will he bash MA?

Smallholder goes right
Says “I likee me rifle”
Joining NRA?

Brian B said:

Memento Moron
Likely to savage MA?

That would require that I think you’re wrong.

I’m flattered to be tributed in this way, but I’m not how me screwing wayward Mormon ladies has anything to do with the politics of your haiku.

sadie said:

I think you should join the NWA instead.

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