Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been mistreating you. By mistreating you he means “not posting regularly.” He would say he is sorry. But he feels that on this day, of all days - Valentine’s Day, love really doesn’t mean having to say you’re sorry. In fact, if you had been paying close attention, you would have realized that you could have read your Maximum Leader over on The Hatemonger’s Quarterly.

Did you catch that? Your Maximum Leader was guest “weblogging” at HMQ for the past few weekdays. Did you miss his posts? He wrote a few.

Here is one on fashion.

Here is one on the impeding ruin of American sports.

Here is a retraction of a previous post on Fidel Castro.

Here is a post with a distinct lack of focus as it hits on astronauts and the Republican Senators “foiling” Iraq debate.

Here is your Maximum Leader’s take on the Grammy awards.

And finally here are some thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

See! That is a lot of bloggy goodness there.

Pity you missed it…

Your Maximum Leader will also go on record, yet again, and say that guesting for the Crack Young Staff is good fun. He hopes to be able to do it again.

Carry on.

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