Jesus’ Tomb - A question.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader saw filmmakers James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici on the Today show this morning. They were talking about their new Discovery Channel film “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” Perhaps you saw the piece on the Today show, or perhaps you are just reading about it on the new wires or something. Here is a peice off the AP news wire. Here is the bit from the Today show itself.

Now… Your Maximum Leader is neither an archeologist, nor a theologian. Niether is he a statistician nor is he a DNA expert. But from time to time a few ideas cross his mind that no one else seems to mention.

Here is one… Why would Jesus’ family buy a tomb outside Jerusalem when they were from Nazareth?

After consulting his Times Atlas of the World, your Maximum Leader estimates that Nazareth and Jerusalem are about 60 miles apart. That seems like an awfully long distance to travel in ancient times with a corpse for burial. Also, doesn’t jewish law require burial as soon as possible? Your Maximum Leader always took this to mean a burial within a day or two. It seems as though it would take a while to go 60 miles. (Figure a cart drawn by an ox or ass travels about 4 mph over level terrain. That means it would take about 15 hours to travel 60 miles.) This little calculation doesn’t even begin to take into account preparation/purification of the body. Then the mourning period of the immediate family added on to the burial time and travel.

It all seems a little improbable doesn’t it?

Then there is the point made by The Colossus on his blog. Wasn’t Jesus’ family of modest means? Wouldn’t a crypt and fancy sarcophogi be a real luxury?

Unless Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary moved to Jerusalem at some point during Jesus’ life, it doesn’t make sense that they would spend lots of money on a family crypt there. Did your Maximum Leader miss something concerning Joseph and Mary’s residency?

Your Maximum Leader will admit that he might watch the special on Discovery. Just to see if this simple question is addressed.

Then again… It might just frustrate him and make him turn it off.

Carry on.

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