Random thoughts on politics

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has decided that rather than writing nothing, he’s going to just write crap. This is to say that he’s just going to write short blurbs about things on his mind. In this case, he’s going to just write short blurbs (not even real sentances perhaps - which is a sign of just how low he has fallen) about his thoughts on politics. They may be pithy. They may be inane. They may be insane. They may be insightful. They may (or may not) be linked. They will all be his.

Here we go:

Your Maximum Leader thought that all the talk he heard on the radio yesterday about the Democrats bickering with one another and slogging it out to see which one will get the nominiation was helping John McCain was an April Fools Joke.

Your Maximum Leader wonders when Congress will pass a “mortgage bailout” bill. He heard that “compromise language” was agreed to by House and Senate Democratic leaders. He wonders just how screwed up the final bill will be. He also wonders if George W. Bush will have the balls to veto it.

Your Maximum Leader thinks that Vladimir Putin is going to the NATO summit just to make George W. Bush’s life difficult.

Your Maximum Leader thinks that Robert Mugabe’s hold on power is near an end. (He also thinks he still owes Mrs P some royal decrees for Fidel…)

Your Maximum Leader believes that Hilary Clinton is itching to get more nasty than she has, but her staff is doing a good job keeping her on a short leash. (So to speak.)

Your Maximum Leader can no longer bear to watch Keith Olbermann on any program - even sports programs - because he is just too damned wacky.

Your Maximum Leader continues to be amused that Howard Dean is going to serve as the voice of reason and understanding in mediating the impending superdelegate problems facing his party.

Your Maximum Leader wishes he’d hear more from Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans.

Your Maximum Leader isn’t generally in favor of lots of new government regulation of financial markets, but if the alternative is “bailing out” investment banks… Well… Some new regulation is likely in order.

Why is it that when your Maximum Leader scans the crowds in the background at Obama rallies he doesn’t seem many attractive women. He was led to believe that all Obama supporters would look like that “Obama girl” from that You Tube video. Your Maximum Leader rarely - in fact never - sees anyone that good looking at his rallies. Can we sue Obama over this? Isn’t it false advertising? Shouldn’t we invoke some sort of “equal time” regulation to get more good looking supporters in the background? Your Maximum Leader pledges to you now that if there are crowds standing in rapt attention behind your Maximum Leader while he is speaking during the Mike World Order that all members of the crowd will be models and super hawt. (Your Maximum Leader typed “hawt” that way just for Joan of Arrggh.)

There you go… Random thoughts on politics…

Later… Random thoughts on pop culture!

Carry on.

Card's wife said:

My Maximum Leader, I wish you would entertain more violent random thoughts toward Keith Olbermann. And then describe them–graphically.

virgil xenophon said:

Olberman? I LOVE watching him if only to clinically view the outward manifestations of
left-wing rabies(i.e., BDS) Dan Abrams seems also to be in the early progressive stages of same affliction with each passing broadcast. I
can only imagine the foam/spittle drip-count as the general election nears.

virgil xenophon said:

PS: Olberman is TV’s answer to left-wing Radio’s Mike Mulloy(?)–a guy too over-the-top for even Air America which “let him go” as they say. He made/makes Keith seem a politely laid–back to virtually catatonic right-wing conservative by comparison.

virgil xenophon said:

PPS: I LUV J of A–scope out action at her site almost as much as I do that of my MAXIMUM
LEADER (that is when he finally bestirs himself to deign to issue his missives to we “enlisted swine”). Oh please, please, sir, please do go easy on the enlisted swine sir! GIVE US MORE!
(where have I seen that phrase used before?
What blog am I on? If its Tues. we must be in Belgium)

Huck Foley, grovelling minion said:

MxLdr: “but if the alternative is “bailing out” investment banks… Well… Some new regulation is likely in order.”

They’ll of course do BOTH, because doing one or the other wouldn’t be expensive enough or intrusive enough. But if they must do some re-regulation, UN-repealing the Glass-Steagall Act should just about cover the whole problem. So of course they not only won’t stop there, they won’t even start there. We’ll get a whole new layer of Sarbane-Oxley stupidness, whaddaya bet?

M.L. “Your Maximum Leader rarely - in fact never - sees anyone that good looking at his rallies. ”

Obama Girl all by herself used up the entire DNC Beauty Budgets of 2007 AND 2008. Be grateful she even exists. Sir.

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