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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been suffering from a nasty backache for the past few days. He’s not sure what he might have done to cause this. But it has made blogging a little difficult - because sitting and typing is not terribly comfortable.


Your Maximum Leader decided to pick one of the groups of sidebar links and start checking them to make sure they all still worked. He decided to verify the “Villainous Culture” section. For those of you who have never ventured to that part of the right-hand sidebar, the Villainous Culture section links many museums or other cultural institutions that you might find interesting and edifying.

So… He’d gotten down to his link to the Uffizi in Florence and brought up their home page. The home page had a lovely warning in pink about half way down. Here was the warning:


Damn those precarious museum workers! Daring to go on strike on September 16th. If only they knew how precarious their situation was! Then they wouldn’t strike…

Of course, this poor choice of words is likely just the result of someone telling the I.T. guy (or gal) to put up a warning on the site about the impending strike — and don’t forget to do the English language site too…

Of course, if this poor I.T. person is in fact a gal and needs a little tutoring in English… Your Maximum Leader is happy to help however he can…

Carry on.

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Mike said:

Herr Leader,

The missus and I just got back from Florence (ahhh… bella Firenze) and we’re already planning our return. Should you ever decide to stroll through the Uffizi, book tickets ahead of time. Trust me. The queue for the non-ticket holder line can cost you most of a day.


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