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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is disappointed in himself. He only scored 56 of 60 on this Civics Quiz he found through the V-man. That makes him a B Student. (He supposes that, depending on the grading system, his grade might be a B+. The percentage score was 93.3%.) On one question your Maximum Leader just misread the answers and kicks himself for going too quickly. But the other three were all legitimate misses.

Take the quiz yourself. It is here.

BTW, the Velocigod scored 57 of 60. Lousy bastard…

Carry on.


I scored 83.33% but it should be remembered that I’m Canadian. And drunk most of the time.

On the other hand, I did beat the American average by just over eight points.

Kevin Kim said:

I skated juuuuuust above the average at 76.67%.

Yes… I rule. At least I got the philosophy-related questions all correct.


I am pleased to report that I just edged out the Maximum Leader and the velocigod with a 58.

I missed the one about the effect of the Fed buying bonds - I thought, foolishly in retrospect, that it might reduce the money supply or something.

The other one Kevin likely got right - #27, “Which statement is a common argument against the claim that “man cannot know things”?” That question made no sense to me, and I guessed.

I always thought that my high school civics teacher was a goon. He may have been more effective than I believed.

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