Things done this weekend.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader would really like to just sit around and do nothing today. Not like he did much over the weekend. Let us ennumerate those things he did, shall we?

Friday night - played host to a Villainschloss full of 10 year olds for a sleepover in honor of Villainette #1’s recent birthday. As part of playing host he cooked up about 10 pounds of pork roast using sea-salt, a little coconut, and some liquid smoke. Then he served this bounty with a pineapple/mango salsa. The kids (and the few moms who hung out with us) loved it. Your Maximum Leader also drank rum drinks out of a large tiki mug. Did your Maximum Leader mention that Villainette #1’s party had a “Hawaiian” theme?

Saturday - woke up before the crack of dawn, drove 40 miles to get the tire of the Villainmobile changed. Left the tire place, took wrong turn while listening to The Economist podcast, traveled about 20 miles in wrong direction before coming too and realizing mistake. Then drove hour home. Then cooked breakfast (eggs - fried and scrambled, grits - with and without cheese, sausage - spicy and mild, toast, and fruit salad) for children. Sent visiting children on their way. Went grocery shopping. Read half of a Flashman novel. Tidied up in the back yard. Watched some college football. Played Medieval Total War II - as the Russians (enjoyed killing Turks and Poles - Hungarians are next). Drank some bourbon out of a regular glass. Stayed up late watching TV - including the mediocre “13th Warrior” (your Maximum Leader wishes they would make more Viking movies…).

Sunday - woke up late. Read Luke 7:36-50 with children. Explained parable to Villainettes - to little success. Played a little Medieval Total War II - continued game as the Russians (enjoyed killing Poles and rebels - Turks agreed to alliance for giving up Crimea. Hungarians avoided war by surrendering a province). Then watched football.

Your Maximum Leader watched he beloved Packers pay a wide-open game against the Chargers. He was pleased with the victory, but disappointed that the Pack have no running game to speak of. This was painfully evident when the Pack had a First and Goal on the 1.5 yard line and threw four consecutive (failed) passes to try and score. They turned over the ball on downs. It was sad. Your Maximum Leader is starting to wonder if the Packers might actually be one of the best teams in the NFC this year. That doesn’t mean too much as the AFC is still pretty much loaded and will likely beat up on the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Your Maximum Leader then watched the Redskins lose to the NY Giants. What the hell happened in that game. Your Maximum Leader thought that the throwback uniforms were embued with powerful ju-ju - but only half a game worth of ju-ju apparently. At the half your Maximum Leader was willing to lay money down that the Skins would whollop the Giants. But it was not to be. The Giants came back and spanked the Skins. Very sad.

Speaking of throwbacks… Your Maximum Leader doesn’t like any Philadelphia sports team. He especially dislikes the Flyer and the Eagles. But there was something delightfully tacky about the Eagles throwback uniforms. He hopes that the Eagles wear them the rest of the season.

Your Maximum Leader (during the Skins game) grilled a delightful flank steak, made garlic bread, steamed some squash from the garden, and cooked up some rice. Devoured all of this while watching game. (Also ate some kimchee he got at Giant with the rice. He’s been eating lots of kimchee recently. While a lot to him is probably not a lot to a Korean, he does enjoy a some with dinner. He’s eaten a 16oz jar in one week.)

Then your Maximum Leader watched the first three quarters of the Bears/Cowboys contest. He was pulling (as much as he could) for the Cowboys - because it would help the Packers. But it didn’t feel right doing so.

Then your Maximum Leader headed off the sleepytime. He doesn’t know why he should feel so tired today, but he does.

Carry on.


We did not know you had included us in your Cabal. We are greatly pleased, as we do so enjoy visiting here and had hope that you would find a mutual enjoyment in our dilettante scribblings.

Our gratitude is tendered in the most joyous of terms, etc., etc.

Smallholder said:



Kevin Kim said:

That’s a powerful passage from Luke, there.


Mageen said:

Must stop reading ML’s posts on cooking and food. Must work out to the point of death to lose weight gained just from reading such posts. Must stop . . . must work out . . .

Aw, phooey!

Have you ever been to Hopsfrog on Burke Center Parkway in Burke just off the Fairfax County Parkway? Most excellent Sunday brunch tho a bit pricey but the roast beast and the flan are miles beyond excellent!

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