Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, as you may know, is the father of three. The youngest of his brood is 3 years old. Last night he was given cause to wonder, now he will give you cause to wonder…

When a little kid in on the receiving end of a minor injury (real or imagined) often the application of a small band-aid somewhere on their body is enough to take care of the injury and the resulting fuss about the injury.

Before there were band-aids what did people use?

Did they keep around an old gauzy shirt and just tear off a piece and wrap it around the affected area a la a John Wayne western? Did moms daub the injury with a damp towel and speak in a soft, soothing voice? Did a kid’s friends just rub some dirt on the injury and say “Okay, you’re fine now.”?

Your Maximum Leader doesn’t remember soliciting band-aids when he was younger (although it is possible that he did). But your Maximum Leader sure knows that his children just love the band-aids.

Carry on.

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