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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader apologizes for posting nothing yesterday. He is going to have to re-evaluate his posting habits. The Villainette’s are doing more both after and before school; and your Maximum Leader is actually a contributing member of society with other responsibilities. Perhaps he should banish this idea he has of writing something for the blog most every weekday… He’ll think about it.

Of course, if one is going to blog, one should have something to blog about. Alas, he didn’t have much to say yesterday. Your Maximum Leader did miss the anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. That was yesterday. Your Maximum Leader should save his blogging thunder for the impending anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, which is happening on October 14th.

Your Maximum Leader has been thinking a lot about sports. He’s been rooting on the Nationals against the Mets. If you can’t be a winner in the Division, you can at least be a spoiler. It isn’t quite as sweet a role to play, but it is better than being the Marlins.

He’s also been thinking about Football. He’s all excited about the Packers, but he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Pack are off to a great start, but he wonders if the teams they have beaten have been coasting on reputation from last year. Your Maximum Leader has also been thinking about the San Diego Chargers. He thought that the Chargers would be a great team this year. He was confident that they could make it far into the playoffs. Alas, it is not to be. Your Maximum Leader wonders if they will win 8 games this year. Your Maximum Leader is putting the blame for San Diego’s bad start firmly at the feet of Norv Turner. Turner knows offensive schemes. Turner knows quarterbacks. He doesn’t do well as a head coach. It was a bad move to fire Marty Schotenheimer.

And in other news… Whew! That was short… Apparently the UAW and GM have reached a tenative agreement to get everyone (in the UAW at least) back to work.

Carrry on.

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Maximum Leader:

Your doubts about The Packers are causing those of us who live in “The Cheddarsphere” to wonder if you are having second thoughts.

It is not allowed to have second thoughts.

Be careful; thanks to Google, we know the precise location of the Villianschlaus.

If we do NOT hear cheers for The Packers from the East on Sunday, you may be in danger.

On another note, I like your blog very much thanks to Kevin.

Cheers and Go Pack.

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