Skippy on Greenspan

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is beginning to think that the less he posts, the better Skippy’s political posts are. Indeed, your Maximum Leader even thought (just a few short moments ago) that if your Maximum Leader just stopped blogging all together would Skippy just keep on writing enough good material for two blogs? (Admittedly one of those blogs would be an X-rated social commentary/diary site and the second a remarkably well-informed and insightful political commentary site…)

If you haven’t read Skippy’s latest on Alan Greenspan you probably ought to. It was eerily prescient for your Maximum Leader. Particularly this passage:

Prior to this President [Bush], Ronald Regan had racked up the greatest deficits in American history, but he did so for some reason. Reagan’s spending was at least for some purpose, the total end to imperial communism. Also, the debt that President Reagan accumilated as to American banks or friendly foreign governments, such as Japan.

When Reagan was president, there was a great outcry among responsible people about the holding of so much debt by Japan. Indeed, there were cautions about “Japan bashing” that might hurt the domestic economy in the 1980s.

This president has accepted blank cheques from the Stalinist People’s Republic of China. A full third of American debt is now held by a government that believes that American economic dominence is antithetical to their very belief system. Yet no one, not even Alan Greenspan has objected to this.

The only thing worse than owing money is the people to whom the money is owed. Holding a mortage to a bank is infinately better than owing a bookie money for a football bet. President Bush went the bookie route.

And for what purpose? Unlike Reagan, Bush has not sold out his country for national defense. The overwhelming majority of Bush’s spending has been for socialistic electioneering that chiefly benefitted himself and his party. That that benefit was only temporary only makes the spending more craven.

Hear! Hear! Your Maximum Leader was thinking the same thoughts over the weekend and mentioned them to an acquantaince (a Doctor going on about the new prescription drug benefit) briefly.

Your Maximum Leader, once again, doffs his bejeweled floppy cap in Skippy’s direction. Good stuff over at Enjoy Every Sandwich.

Carry on.

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Aww, again you make me blush.

And truth be told, I have enough trouble keeping ONE blog going. Doing mine and a good would probably kill me.

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