The meal is set.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader and Mrs Villain have settled on the Thanksgiving Day feast. For those of you interested, here tis:

Fried and raw oysters - fresh Rappahannock River/Chesapeake Bay oysters supplied by Capt’n Red on Tuesday.
Smithfield Ham - not Darden’s ham, but Smithfield. (This is the “other” ham procured during the Quest for Ham.)
Roast Turkey & gravy - to get perfect skin your Maximum Leader covers the bird with cheesecloth and basts it in a wine/butter/herb mixture every 20 mins or so.
Mashed potatos.
Dressing with sausage, mushrooms and roasted chestnuts - new dish this year.
Grated brussel sprouts with radicchio and bacon.
Creamed onions - a colonial recipe and one of George Washington’s favorites.
Asparagus & heart of palm salad.
Pumpkin pie.
Blueberry pie.
Mincemeat pie.
Stilton & Port.

For the gentlemen (and ladies if they care to partake) there will be various whiskys available before, during and after the meal (exluding Port time of course). We also have a beautiful bottle of French wine (a 2007 sauvingon from Tourraine) for the ladies.

There you have it. The ham is soaking now. Pies will be made Wednesday morning. Ham boiled Wednesday night and reheated Thursday. The creamed onions will also be made Wednesday. Feasting will commence after the Packers game on Thanksgiving.

Carry on.

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Kevin Kim said:

Sounds fantabulous. Our own menu won’t be quite so adventurous:


turkey (brined, prepped, and baked)
spiral-cut ham
corn bread and sausage stuffing
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping
buttered baby carrots
buttered peas
green beans
broccoli casserole
cranberry sauce


pumpkin pie
pecan pie
rum cake
homemade vanilla ice cream
homemade pumpkin ice cream


mulled apple cider (juice, not Apfelwein or “le cidre”)

We plan on having lots and lots of leftovers. Thanksgiving might last us a week. Come to think of it… maybe I should buy some foil trays and set about making frozen TV dinners. Lots of reheatables in our future.

The tasks are being divided among the three brothers, and Dad’s actually doing all the desserts, which is pretty amazing. He’s graduating from rum cake (which he’s done dozens of times) to pies (which he’s never attempted).

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