You guys kill me…

I know I am not a regular poster…. but, believe me, I am a regular reader. What’s more, I really enjoy everything I read (though sometimes I DO NOT AGREE!).
That being said.

M of A….
Wow… I was just thinking about how we as a society move the delayed gratification down to the “lower classes” today! NO really! Spooky. I did not call it that though. It was more like “how can we help lower income families give a fuck about how there kids turn out”. I have not come up with a problem solver though…. In the MWO, can’t we just neuter and spay the parents before they procreate?
Some sort of government run day-care thing pops into mind from time to time but, in reality, I KNOW that the gov’t probably would not do much better in the long run either….
Oh and another thing… you are SO RICH it is not even funny! You are just counting the wrong assetts.

M L on the Passion post by that other guy…
I really want to see this movie.
Funny, Derb goes to see EVERY one of Mels OTHER movies and then when one comes out about Jesus, he suddenly does not have a stomach for violence!!! He knows Mels work enough (or has enjoyed it enough) to QUOTE viloent scenes from Mel’s Movies…. for Christ’s sake!
But what really gets me is that Hollywood is bashing Mel for making a movie that sticks to the book too much!
How dare he take the Gospel as the Gospel?!?
Could the M of P please explain that?
I betcha that if ol’ Mel had made the move “The Passion of Christ for Young Boys” they couldn’t give it an Academy Award fast enough!

Air Marshall…
I don’t think that we met…. but honestly if you are cool enough for the M of A and the M L to call a friend, then you are automatically a good joe in my book. Maybe when we visit this summer, we can all hook up?
Obviously, you chillins’ have had you watch one too many animated films! I will not pick apart your choices one by one because I would hate to start a flame war over such a thing but Egad friend!

1 Fantasia
2 Song of the South
2 Dumbo
3 Snow White
4 Pinocchio
5 101 Dalmations
6 Monster’s Inc
7 Bug’s Life
8 Toys Story
9 Sleeping Beauty
10 Jungle book

I am not even going to attempt the songs, simply because I don’t want them swimming around in me ead’ all night!

M of A again….
I like your Marriage amendment idea…. Reminds me of the buffet Christians who take what they like and leave the rest.

Single issue voting?
Uhhh… ok I am guilty of this. Mainly because regardless of what Presidents say in Elections, they all pretty much do the same things when they get in. The only thing that changes is the funneling of Money to a different set of special interest groups. Which is why the big Special Interest give money to both parties to hedge their bets.
Except guns and taxes…..

Best Presidents….
Teddy R
Bush W
I would go into detail but this pretty much sums it up

Philosopher test…
1. St. Augustine (100%)
2. Aquinas (73%)

we can still be friends can’t we?

And lastly… I may not be posting for a while…. we are in the season of Lent and here in Germany.
That means it is Super Duper Stong Ass Beer time. In theory, you can’t eat because of Lent so they have fortified the beer and tripled the alcohol content so you can get all the nutrition you need in one glass!
If I drink 4 or 5 glasses, think of all the nutrition I will get!
I will be doing as the locals do and spend my time at the beer festivals!


Back to the trenches…..

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