Wither your Maximum Leader?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has had a shortage of quality blog time for you all. This situation isn’t going to change over the next few days. He admits that he could have blogged some last night, but he got distracted by the Akira Kurosawa film extravaganza on TMC last night. (BTW, Happy Birthday Kurosawa-san. You would have been 100 years old yesterday.) After putting his villainous offspring to bed he spied “Rashomon” on the tv. Next thing you know, the “Seven Samurai” was on. Then your Maximum Leader fell asleep. He’s such a wuss that way.

What to blog? What to blog?

Well… First of he should congratulate the President, but most of all Speaker Pelosi for getting the damned health care bill passed. It was tremendous work on their parts. Your Maximum Leader gives most of the credit to the Speaker who must have used every bit of parliamentary/political/personal knowledge she knew to twist all the arms to make the deal happen. Your Maximum Leader wasn’t sure that she would pull it off. He wasn’t sure that is until she saw Steny Hoyer and the Speaker announce a vote would be held on Sunday. Once they actually gave a day for the vote and were adamant that it would happen your Maximum Leader knew they had the votes. So… Congrats to them. It was a tough slog, but they got the job done.

Is your Maximum Leader happy about the bill? Of course not. It sucks. But you have to give credit where it is due. And it is due in this case.

So what next? Well… One hopes that the Republicans can run an effective campaign this year and take the House or Senate back and work on serious modification of the bill. Your Maximum Leader thinks Fishersville Mike is right on with a slogan of “Change - the right kind this time.” Why does your Maximum Leader say serious modification and not outright repeal? Let’s be honest. Even after a few months there is inertia that sets in on any legislation. There isn’t going to be an outright repeal. Major modifications is the best course. It is the way the system works. Why did you think they were pushing so hard to pass something? Once it gets on the books it is there… Some portions of the law just enacted will remain no matter how hard one tries to remove them.

Ah well… One hopes that Republicans (for lack of a better alternative) can get their acts together and run a tight campaign and put themselves into a position where they actually have some institutional power in Congress…

Did you Wagnerians out there see that Wolfgang Wagner died this week? The grandson of Richard Wagner and longtime Bayreuth Festival director passed away at age 90. His daughter (and teutonic hottie) Katharina Wagner is currently the festival director.

Your Maximum Leader may, or may not, post again this week. He is off to Key West, Florida for a few days of sun, fun, and marriage. A good friend of his is getting married in Key West on Friday night. It should be fun. It has been a long time since your Maximum Leader was last in Key West. If you have any suggestions of things for him to see or do, leave a comment. (No need to comment that he should leer at drunken spring-break co-eds. Please accept that as read…)

This good friend getting married is the owner of Key West Key Lime pies. If you want to get yourself get best key lime pie EVAH (EVAH!!!) feel free to clicky on the linky and buy…

Later gators… Perhaps your Maximum Leader will get some sun…

Carry on.

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Mageen in Old Virginny said:

From Canadian family. Hey, if Canada can do universal health care . . . did you ever hear why they even thought of this? What I heard when I was much younger: for many many years Canada was considered underpopulated for a land mass its size. They welcomed newcomers from all over the world, but in order to keep them coming, Canada figured they had to offer more to these people than 108 inches of snow a year. They also figured it would be a damn good thing to keep their own current population healthy as well. This has all lead to a definite increase in population that has not only hung on but spread out from the coastlines and the border areas. Moreover, Canada also paid handsomely when one had a baby. Cost containment: they figured that certainly huge population centers such as Toronto should have stuff like CT’s, etc. but low population centers such as Yellow Knife would get second tier and referalls to first tier medical outfits. This is easing up a bit. As for Canadians brutally forced to go across the border for treatment, Canadians were always free to to so whether it was for brain surgery or ingrown toenail. Canada has now opened up the pursestrings on compensating folks in such cases. Also, Canadians were always free to purchase whatever other types of health care insurance they wanted in addition to the universal plan. My cousins who were Canadian Foreign Service and had two extended assignments in D.C. over the years gladly jumped in their car and drove 800 miles to utilize their universal health service as they considered it so good. Yeah, I saw all the political ads earlier on about Canadians who were forced to come here on their own for treatment and I found that very confusing! It didn’t jibe with what I knew. My two nieces were born in Canada on the plan. My sister had most excellent prenatal care where it was discovered that she had an RH situation which would prevent her from having a large family. This had not even entered the equation with the doctors here in this country.

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