Why do I read Ruth Marcus anyway?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure why he even clicked through on the headline. “Mom in Chief.” The slug under the title was: “What does it say about modern women that Michelle Obama seems to want to be more Jackie than Hillary?” He knew what he was going to get… He was going to get a whiney screed lamenting that an accomplished woman is going to have to be a “traditional mom” while her hubby is going to have to be President of the United States. For the sake of disclosure, Marcus admits that she understands why Michelle Obama is going to take the role of First Mom. Marcus makes that admission up front… Then Marcus continues to lament the role for a whole column.

You know something… Will there be any lamentations and wailing in the editorial columns when we get the first woman president and the First Dude will have to stay home and try and raise the kids in the unforgiving environment that is the White House? Of course there will not. Not a single peep or cry of dispair will be issued. It will be a liberation. Allow your Maximum Leader to ask Ms. Marcus a rhetorical question: Could it be that Michelle Obama might feel liberated by becoming the First Mom? Could Michelle Obama feel comforted in the knowledge that she will get to spend time raising and nurturing her girls at the time they will most need it? Isn’t that liberating?

Damn that piece annoyed your Maximum Leader. Michelle Obama has a huge job in front of her. How does she raise two girls to be normal functioning people in the most unnatural environment you can find in the United States? In addition to raising your two girls, you also have to do “First Lady” stuff. Your Maximum Leader hopes that Michelle and Barack Obama can keep their girls shielded from the press and they prying eyes of the public as much as Bill and Hillary Clinton were able to keep Chelsea out of the press.

Here is a confession for you… Your Maximum Leader isn’t a Rush Limbaugh guy. Limbaugh is a blowhard entertainer and just not your Maximum Leader’s style… There was a period from the early 90s where your Maximum Leader would tune into the Limbaugh show when he was in the car at lunchtime. Anyhoo… He’s not listened to Limbaugh’s show since the mid-1990s. There was one event that caused your Maximum Leader to tune out… It was the day that Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton ugly. For the love of Pete, she was a young teenager. That is just cruel and uncalled for. Protecting your kids from wiseass commentary from some blowhard or other callous unthinking bloviators/photographers is going to be a big job for Michelle Obama. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t think that anyone should cry over her taking that role.

Carry on.


Yep. That was the day I quit listening, too. Juvenile. I still tune him in during the big brouhahas for information, but I cannot stomach his lack of boundaries. He’s not worthless as an entertainer or dispenser of information, he’s just not somebody I really care about. His personal attacks against a child were mean, and his non-apology sealed the deal. And I had enough of that in Junior High.

You got it when you wrote complete lack of boundaries. That is a problem facing all commentators, talking heads, pundits, and often bloggers in our current environment.

Mrs. Peperium said:

Why do you read Ruth Marcus? Do we have to do a man card check again?

By the way, that column was more about her than Michelle Obama. And, frankly, I don’t think we really know who Michelle Obama is, and, all of the Obamas, including the puppy to be, are going to have a tough time adjusting to life in the White House. But the job is not without its perks -the puppy gets an air-conditioned dog house for a starter…

That said, it is very hard to adjust to a life as a stay at home mother after a very high flying career of more than 15 years. It’s probably a good thing for Michelle that the traditional role of First Lady is a very demanding job as it will ease her transition. And she won’t have to wait in pick up line at school because that’s what Secret Service does and the WH chef will not only cook the meals but make the girls’ lunches and the staff does the laundry and cleaning and the taxpayer foots the weekly budget so her new job as Mom in Chief really isn’t what most Americans consider as the traditional role of Mom-in Chief.

No need for a man-card check. I clicked through to get my blood pressure up this morning.

You are absolutely right Mrs P when you say the article is more about Marcus than Michelle. It is.

I do believe the transition for the Obamas will be tough. Perhaps I’ve bought into the “normal people” case that Obama’s supporters have put out there concerning the Obama’s domestic life. Living in the WH is not normal and can be difficult to transition into (and out of). I don’t envy Michelle Obama’s life in the WH.

Mrs. Peperium said:

I’m sorry. I haven’t been paying attention to the news for weeks now, other than the bailout of the Little 3. What is the “normal people” case regarding the Obamas?

B. and M. Obama are going to sweep D.C. There is so much good will extended towards them, it really cannot go any other way. (The girls are going to have a very, very tough time but maybe that is why their grandmother is coming along) The parents will enjoy their time in the White House. I wonder where the family will vacation? It will probably be much more glamorous spot than Crawford, Texas so the press shall be happy.

I completely agree that the Obamas will have an ocean of good will poured out before them when they arrive in town. I suppose I’ve bought into the whole image (developed by the campaign and press) that the Obamas have a fairly normal life in Chicago. Obama commuted to Washington while in the Senate. They pick up the girls at school. They spend time with neighbors. That is the “normal people” image to which I was referring.

The WH will be a difficult transition for the kids…

I think the first Obama Presidential vacation will be Hawaii. They will also spend some time with Caroline Kennedy on the Cape one summer while in office.

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