What we’re missing here is…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been missing the occasional agriculture post from his dear friend The Smallholder. Yes… He would like to read about the glories of farming and husbandry in the mountains of Virginia.

While he waits he’ll just have to consume massive quantities of sausage from the hog that Smallholder raised for him. Last night your Maximum Leader made “Sausage O’Patties” with Villainette #1 for dinner. Sausage O’Patties are essentially 1 lb of sausage mixed with 2 medium shredded potatoes. The potatoes and sausage are mixed, formed into patties, and fried in “The Skillet.”

Quite tasty.

Carry on.

Velociman said:

Ah… the Mighty Skillet…

Eric said:

…. I’m working on that recipe for you…. it’ll be up tonight…. hopefully…..

cs Perry said:

Jesus. Now I’m all hungry for dirty meat.

(No pun intended)

cs Perry said:

Wait…Yes, it was intended.

I somehow missed the “Skillet Post”. Great story. You’re eating molecules from the great Western migration. Very cool.

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