What Was That About Slopes Being Slippery?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader followed a link from Steve and lo and behold what does he see… Some bald Dutch guy getting married to two women. Yes. It seems that polygamous civil unions are okay in the Netherlands.

Your Maximum Leader doesn’t know what to say really. Of course polygamy has been all fine and dandy in Muslim nations (and Utah) for as long as anyone can remember. But we who were of the Western Tradition could always look askance at polygamy and say outwardly that it was wrong. (While inwardly wondering if Mrs. Villain would convert to Islam so your Maximum Leader could make an honest woman of the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt.)

As your Maximum Leader has said many times before. If the only criteria for allowing people to marry was “love” then there can be no restrictions on who can get married. (Well presumably we are only discussing Homo Sapiens here - but your Maximum Leader supposes that even that is up for debate.) Today it is the Dutch who realize this. Tomorrow it will be the Belgians. A week from now the Germans. Then Canada. Then Utah (above-board). Then Massachusetts. Then… Well you get the point.

Your Maximum Leader will just grimly set himself to the task of recording the end of civilization as we know it.

Carry on.

UPDATE: Dr. Shackleford shows us the difference between “Good” and “Bad” polygamy.

Kevin Kim said:

If you decide to marry a conjoined twin, and the other twin doesn’t consent to the marriage… what happens next?


Next thing you know Wookies will be marrying Ewoks……

I thought that one of the first objectives of the Mike World Order was to abolish all those silly polygamy laws…

I hope your objection to this threesome is based on the fact that the gentleman in question is does not hold a ministerial position in the MWO.

If you have decided to force your minister to stick with one spouse, the Undersecretary of Agriculture will be sorely disappointed.

Perhaps the good doctor can do another polygamy photoshop - this time featuring a bald Sadie (It is obvious that that’s a wig, dear), and a big smooch between the Irish Lad and the Minister of Propaganda. Rob has been out in California long enough to be down with that.

Of course my objection is based on the fact that this is just some poor schmuck. In the MWO those at the highest levels of society will be excpected to engage in polygamy. That way the best and brightest can reproduce more in a stable family environment.

I have read this — I know Smallholder gets moody when he thinks his humor goes unnoticed — but I am officially not commenting on it.


Now that your commitment to the military is up, you no longer have to abude by the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Commenting is now permitted.

I will be in Utah for the next two months . . . and I am now officially ignoring Smallholer.

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