Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader feels the need to let you all know that posting may be light over the next few days. He has some various commitments to attend to that will occupy much of his time. But fear not. When time permits your Maximum Leader will regale you all with pithy commentary on the days events - or whatever catches his fancy.

In case any of you remember… Your Maximum Leader should report that he had a great time at Nemacolin. He and Mrs Villain relaxed. She got spa treatments. He shot guns. We dined out. She shot guns. He shot guns. We dined out some more. It was piles of fun. If you are looking for a resort at which to spend a long weekend, your Maximum Leader will highly recommend Nemacolin.

The only negative comment your Maximum Leader could make about his trip was a slight critique of one restaurant on the property. One night your Maximum Leader and Mrs. Villain dined at Lautrec. It is a high end (very high end) restaurant on the property. The chef has been awarded the honors of “Best Chef in Pittsburgh” for two years running. But your Maximum Leader would have to say that the kitchen staff may have been a bit off their game. Some of the food (in a multicourse tasting menu) was rather indifferently seasoned. It was prepared and served with great care and precision. But Mrs Villain had a risotto that, he hates to admit, required salt and pepper. It was really bland. Your Maximum Leader had some escargot that was pretty conventional, which is to say overflavored with garlic. All in all, your Maximum Leader would refer you to any of the other restaurants on the property. They are all fantastic. And, as he said, Lautrec may have been having an off night…

Well… Again, be warned. Light posting ahead… But next week… Yes next week there is a big surprise in store for you all…

Big surprise.

Carry on.

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