Totally geeking out

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has a question for you…


Your Maximum Leader was sitting today watching a few minutes of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” that he has on the ole Tivo. As he was watching the beautiful and talented Summer Glau he wondered to himself…

Here is the question…

Would having sex with a Terminator “count” as actually having sex? Would it “count” as adultery if you were married? Afterall the Terminator isn’t a person. In this context one could suppose that the Terminator was nothing more than a really tricked out love-doll…

And before any of your Maximum Leader’s doctrinally informed friends make note of it… Yes, your Maximum Leader knows about Matthew 5:28. But even on that account if one is parsing - and isn’t that what we’re doing here - one could make a bit about the whole “woman” aspect of it. Jesus doesn’t say “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a robot covered in particularly sexy artificial flesh lustfully has already committed adultery with her/it in his heart.” Can you really have sex with a uber-sexy terminator? Isn’t really just masturbation?

Just asking.

Sad to what depths your Maximum Leader has dipped isn’t it? There is a war going on in Georgia. Inflationary pressures are rising. Hilary Clinton is going to have her name put into nomination at the Democratic convention (Kwame not welcome by the way - don’t bother RSVPing). Julia Child was a spy. And California burns. And all your Maximum Leader can choose to write about is some pointless non-ethical issue invovling imaginary killing machines that resemble sexy women.


Carry on.

Aitch said:

Not adultery, My Maximum Leader, but a rather elaborate form of self-abuse.

Interesting philosophical question! lol And I vote no it would not count. If you are into Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, BTW, your readers may be interested in the Fancast interview with Rob Hall, the special effects mastermind on the show - he talks about CGI and the backlash against it.

Self-abuse… Yes… On so many different levels given the hypothetical I’ve put out there.

Gordon said:

I want to chime in. But there is no good way without revealing too much about myself.

Besides, my heart belongs to Lena Headley

Chime in Gordon! Chime in!

Let me put it this way: if my husband were to have sex with a Terminator and it didn’t “count” as sex then the resulting castration that I performed on him shouldn’t really “count” as a crime.


The Maximum Leader said:

Oy! So serious. It is a robot… A robot covered in artificial flesh… But a robot… It is not like the Terminator is a real person or anything…

Gordon said:

I think I found the solution to this moral dilemma. This should be an option in Capital Punishment cases.

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