Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader saw the stories.

First he tried to kill himself… Then he was just “out of it” and his publicist called 9-1-1. Then… Well who knows what is going on?

Admit it…

Just a moment after reading the first headlines you were shocked.

A moment after that you were having a weird Richard Cory moment.

Then you shook your head and sort of wished he did it.

Admit it… You sorta did.

Carry on.


Actually, I think it’s a brilliant publicity stunt.

Nice poetry/obscure Simon and Garfunkel reference!

phin said:

Me, I’m no doctor, hell I don’t even play one on tee vee, but I think T.O. tried to off himself and missed the mark.

Who knows what kicked triggered his attempt. If he’s depressed and on meds the painkillers sometimes don’t mix well and can exacerbate suicidal tendencies. But without knowing what he’s on I won’t speculate.

The allergic reaction line sounds poor at best. It (the allergic reaction bit) is often used by people who try unsuccessfully to off themselves by overdosing. That along with the “I lost track of how many I took” line are the two most common excuses given.

Hopefully it was a allergic reaction and T.O. will get his act together. With his talent on the field he could do a lot as a role model for kids. Except it seems the only thing he wants to be is a warning of what not to be.

Either way his Handler / Agent / Manager whoever she is needs a bit of help in the tact department. Her “T.O. has 25 Million Reasons to live” comment was uncouth and if he’s depressed doesn’t make a bit of difference to him. But to her and her 10 - 25% cut it makes all the difference n the world.

In the words on Kanye West: “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger. But she ain’t messin’ with no broke [Insert George Allen Racial Slur Here]”.

WitNit said:

Sorta did, yeah.

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