Tim Russert, RIP

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader would normally be watching “Meet the Press” right now. But today he is sitting at his computer thinking about Tim Russert.

Your Maximum Leader has watched MTP for ages. At least since the late 80s - just before Russert became host. In recent years he didn’t always watch MTP, but downloaded the audio podcast and listened to the program. One way or another it was “can’t miss TV.”

Your Maxmium Leader must admit that he is getting a little worn down by the remembrances, celebrations, and eulogies all over the news channels for Tim Russert. It is not that he is getting tired of Russert; but that he is getting tired of the maudlin recitations of the same story being replayed over and over. In a way it is ironic that in remembering Tim Russert his collegues are becoming boring - the one thing Russert never was. At 2:00am on Election Night in 2000 when there was nothing new to report, Tim Russert was still making interesting commentary.

There is very little I can add to the ever lengthening list of tributes you will see on TV and read online. I am deeply saddened by Tim Russert’s passing. I mourn as someone who felt that Tim Russert helped me be a better citizen because he helped to keep me more informed. I mourn as someone who could observe the love that Russert had for his family - a family now bereft of his presence. I mourn because a town that is filled with phony people, egomaniacs, and sometimes loathesome characters has lost a genuine man.

God bless you Tim Russert. May you rest in peace.

Carry on.


OK Master Man,

I’m going to give you a little wry smug retort about your fucking friend Tim Russert. 1) He was a liberal catholic who lost his fucking way and tried to be something that he wasn’t - a respectable conservative cozening the likes of ass-wipe cheyney; with puff ball Q/A without any fucking balls. I loved how his god damned cohorts just said, “Oh, you better have come prepared when you were on MTP with Russert”, negro please.

This guy was as conventional, and unctuously tame as they get these days. The guy had a serious look about him, without the serious follow up questions that stimulate critical debate. No, this guy was as unctuously conventional as they come these days. The false dour of his persona could be read a mile away: watching him interview Cheyney for 6 years and the lack of intimidating hard-wire questioning made me sick. What: you think he was going to piss off his employer, GE, the manufacturer of anything war? R u out of your fucking mind, douche bag?

No. This was a guy who carried around his Roman Catholic guilt on him because he knew he was a fucking sell out who didn’t nail anyone’s ass to the fucking chair and ask the RUDE Questions, in the CAPTIOUS style that has been lost for so long in the media - it’s so fucking pathetic to even bring up this putative axiom. Plus, if I did bring this axiom forward, people like your numb brain wouldn’t understand why they lack critical thought in the first play.

Take off your pretentious eruditious cap for once and understand the dude for a second. This guy was on Mario Cuomo’s staff as a young lad out of college. He knew moral vs immoral. He understood that relativity when it come to petty things wasn’t as important as absolute morality, and I believe it weighed heavy on his heart. What killed Tim was the enormous east coat puritanical pressure that he put on himself. Why, you ask. Well, he knew that the Bush Admin. went to war under false pretenses, but failed to nail Cheyney and the Bush administration for wreaking havoc on this planet. And, if you can follow my line of reasoning (in re: his geographical background; culture, social-emotional POV, and his religious background, you would see that trying to balance the idea of not pissing of GE, his boss, the Cheyney-Bush Admin., while trying to reach some conclusion of the flacidness of non-pertinacious questioning against an evil administration is what weighed this guy down.

Ya see dip shit, when you take on MTP, you hold a legacy. you are bridge builder to younger journalists, and a responsibility to hold up the bastion of serious journalism at its ultimate post - MTP. And when you, in your heart, know that you didn’t ask the tough questions on the show that is supposed to ask the tough questions, then you’ve gone against your own morality.

T said:

I’m sorry you cannot accept anything that is out of your circumscribed bounds of anything that lacks the slightest benignity.

You’re going to get a heckler in the crowd, once in a while and you should embrace it. This is the fodder that gets the crowd going: you know my side vs your side; and, I’m not talking about pleasant disagreements - I’m talking about bare knuckle opinions that entice your audience to put their nads on your platform.

If you truly get something that is way out of bounds, block the URL.

Until then my little minion, I have some advice.

1) Open the floor
2) Change the theme
3) Change up your writer’s voice…You’ve got the Elizabethan “thing” down pat.
4) I have to admit, I drank and commented - so you see a guy, me, who’s pissed at himself for posting things that were misspelled and had a few fragmented sentences, but I believe my comments had some veracity.
5) Your theme: needs some change up. It’s o.k. to have what you have - to a degree, but a having posters and not just comm enters could enrich your site with new perspectives for your commenters.
6) You aren’t a bad writer. “But not to belabor the point, you should change up your theme and writing voice a bit.”
7) I’m glad you recognize the Washington Post and not the shitty Washington Times.
8) Since, you like the Delete Comment Key through word press, this will be my last comment. - T


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