The joy of consumerism and global markets

Greetings, loyal minons. Your Maximum Leader was just experiementing in the kitchen. Before you get sidetracked wondering just what was he experimenting on in the kitchen… To satisfy your curiosity… He is boiling a pork roast in pickling spices and salts to see if he can get the effect of a corned beef only with pork… He’ll fill you in later on how that turns out…


While he was gathering together spices he noticed something and started to think…

When your Maximum Leader was a young boy he remembers that we always had French’s Yellow Mustard in the house. Sometimes, very rarely, we might have a small jar of Grey Poupon in the house. Insofar as mustard went, that was it. French’s and GP.

Today he was noticing that he has many mustard choices available at his fingertips. He has French’s and Grey Poupon. He also has a polish mustard with big old chunks of mustard seeds. He has a spicy brown mustard from the midwest somewhere. Two different “german style” mustards that go well with sausages of various sorts. He also has a horseradish infused mustard. He also has a large tin of Coleman’s mustard powder and a small jar of whole mustard seeds.

That is a lot of mustard choices for you. What is crazy is that we all (your Maximum Leader, Mrs Villain, and the villainous offspring) all love mustard. Hardly any sandwich is complete without mustard.

In the too much information category… Did you know that there is only one “hot” sandwich upon which your Maximum Leader will put mayonaise? Just one… If he makes himself a cheesesteak sandwich (at the Villainschloss) and uses provolone cheese, he will put lots of mayo on the roll (in addition to the steak, provolone, onions and peppers). If he makes himself a cheesesteak sandwich and doesn’t use provolone he also doesn’t use mayo… Crazy huh?


Your Maximum Leader will take a moment to thanks American consumerism, foodie-ism, and global trade for opening up the world of mustards to all…

Carry on.

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown said:

The best mustard ever is from Stage Deli. The FLGs recently ordered two more bottles.

I’ve eaten at the Stage Deli. It has probably been 10 or 15 years though since the last time I was there. Last year I was up in NYC and opted for the Carneige Deli instead of the Stage. I remember the mustard as being really good.

I have also found the mustard from The Berghoff in Chicago is quite good. I checked, and you don’t seem to be able to buy it on line.

I’ll have to look in Wegmans next time I am there and see what new mustard joys I can buy.

the Herm said:

If you have no honeycup mustard, than your cupboard is bare!

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