The best we can do?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader would identify his politics as “Conservative.” But since there is no “Conservative” party in the United States he generally tends to vote “Republican” and the “Republicans” have in the modern period been more “conservative.” So, when your Maximum Leader asks in the subject line of this post “The best we can do?” the we in that statement does refer to “Republicans” in general and “conservatives” specifically.

So what the hell is your Maximum Leader talking about? Who is the “best” we can do? Well… Officially Former Governor (and Former Presidential candidate) Jim Gilmore (R) has announced that he is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator (and former Liz Taylor luve muffin) John Warner (R). The big Washington Post piece on the announcement is here.

There are two announced candidates. Jim Gilmore (R) and Mark Warner (D). Both former Governors. Both were initially popular, then less-so when they left the Governor’s mansion. (Although, Gilmore was more unpopular than Warner. Warner suffered a little downturn in his popularity but quickly rebounded.) Both flirted with the idea of running for President in next year’s election.

Now they seek to get a job in the Senate of the United States.

Let your Maximum Leader state that many years after voting for Jim Gilmore, your Maximum Leader has soured on him. And many years after voting against Mark Warner, your Maximum Leader sees a lot to like. If the election were held today, your Maximum Leader would vote for Mark Warner. It is likely that if it is a Gilmore/Warner race; then Mark Warner will get your Maximum Leader’s vote.

Of course, you may be wondering “Why would my Maximum Leader vote in such a way?” Well… Let your Maximum Leader assure you that Jim Gilmore is a posturing blow-hard who isn’t really capable of adding to the political discourse in Washington. That might sound like Gilmore is a “grid-lock” guy. And as you know, your Maximum Leader is all for grid-lock. But Gilmore is too annoying for your Maximum Leader to vote for. Warner is a much more reasonable type of fellow. He doesn’t seem as strident. He also doesn’t seem as partisan. This might sound like he is a man who can get things done in Washington, but your Maximum Leader thinks that Mark Warner will be bored of Washington in six years and want to get out. Warner is a businessman and executive. He doesn’t strike me as the endless debating type. Lucky for us, most of the men and women in the US Senate are the endless debating types. It is also possible that Warner will be more partisan on the national stage, but we will not know until he gets there. Your Maximum Leader will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, it is possible that something will happen that will change your Maximum Leader’s mind… November 2008 is a long way off.

Carry on.

Actually conservative said:

So, you’re a conservative (and since you draw a distinction between this and Republican, that presumably means an ideological one) but you’re choosing candidates based on personality assessment rather than how they gel with your conservatism. So as a conservative you’d rather support a tax hiker than a tax cutter. Do I understand correctly?

Real Conservative said:

So let me make sure I understand correctly. As a self-described conservative, you’re putting personality ahead of which candidate gels with your conservatism. As a conservative, you’re going to support a tax-hiker over a tax-cutter?

Traditional Conservative said:

When did being for tax cuts while spending like there is no tomorrow and leaving the bill to be paid by future generations become conservative. It is immoral and it is radical. It is most certainly not conservative. The moral bankruptcy of these one note Charlies and their mantra of “no taxes, no taxes” has a lot to do with Republican difficulties at the polls recently. A genuinely conservative and coherent philosophy will attract votes. Smoke and mirrors only works until the voters wake up to the fact that you are selling them a load of horse dung.

Conservative said:

Wait a minute. “tax cuts while spending like there is no tomorrow and leaving the bill to be paid by future generations.” Are you referring to Jim Gilmore or Ronald Reagan? I realize the Democrat talking points you’re using are applied to both, so I just want to clarify.

Liberal! said:


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