That Queenie…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has just completed a brief note that he will mail tomorrow to the Acidman. Your Maximum Leader hopes that he will find the help he is looking for and that the help will take. So to speak…

In the meanwhile, he’s been reading Gut Grumbles every day - as is his wont.

And he just has to point out this story from Queenie. She says its from her archives, but your Maximum Leader doesn’t remember it. Frankly he doesn’t remember why Queenie isn’t blogrolled… A problem that will be soon remedied.

Carry on.

1 Comment
Queenie said:

Why, thank you, O exalted one. You are far, far too kind to this blushing bumpkin from the darkest reaches of Lower Alabama; I appreciate your magnanimity…and your notice. Cheers!

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