Texas… You’re Back On Deck

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that Governor Warner, for the first time during his term, has decided to commute a death sentence. He has saved the life of Robin Lovitt, whom you Maximum Leader mentioned earlier today. Mr. Lovitt was scheduled to be the 1000th man to die in the US since the death penalty was reinstated.

Your Maximum Leader certainly can understand the reasons behind Governor Warner’s actions. And further he thinks that Governor Warner probably acted correctly. You are probably saying to yourself, “Self, earlier today my Maximum Leader was nearly screaming for the man to die. What gives?” Well, what gives dear minions is that your Maximum Leader is quite sure that there are competent people in the Attorney General’s office who have reveiwed the case work. There are likely more people in the Governor’s own office who have reviewed the case work. And all those competent people, plus the competent Governor, probably know much more about this case than your Maximum Leader ever wants to. The Governor, your Maximum Leader feels, would not take a decision such as this lightly. So your Maximum Leader is contented with this outcome. Lovitt gets life without parole.

Governor Perry of Texas… The Lone Star state is again on deck for a landmark… Warm up ole sparky.

Carry on.


I read that North Carolina is on deck (this Friday, Kenneth Lee Boyd is slated to die for killing his estranged wife and her father).

Minion Molly said:

I’ll have you know we uns in Texas are civilized!! We have lethal injection. Hah!

The Foreign Minister said:

Plus, it doesn’t look very good to be a Democratic Presidential Hopeful and have the “1000th Prisoner Killed” on your resume’.

I am sure all the crack young staff in the Gov’nors office reminded him of that.

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