Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is feeling a little old. His eldest is taking the AP World History test today. Your Maximum Leader took the test when he was in high school. (He got a 5.) For the past few weeks, your Maximum Leader has been trying to help Villainette #1 prepare for the test. He should note for the record that Villainette#1 has done everything in her power to avoid this help and to annoy her father in the midst of giving the help. The constant refrain has been, “But dad, we go over this stuff in class all the time now…”


Your Maximum Leader is hoping she does well.

(If she doesn’t get a 5 to tie her old man, your Maximum Leader will throw it in her face all summer… Just kidding… Nope, not kidding… Yes, he kidding… Nope… Yes…)

Carry on.

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Smallholder said:

Um, I’m willing to bet that you didn’t take the AP World History class in high school. You took Euro and U.S.

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