Sometimes It Is Embarassing to Be a Liberal — Er — I Mean a Progressive

I think I ‚ÄövÑv=m going to have an aneurism the next time some ignorant leftie decries ‚ÄövÑv Bush‚ÄövÑv¥s unilateral pre-emptive war.‚ÄövÑvp

Gosh darn it, it wasn‚ÄövÑv¥t unilateral. Note the root ‚ÄövÑv¨ ‚ÄövÑv uni‚ÄövÑvp ‚ÄövÑv¨ this means ‚ÄövÑv one,‚ÄövÑvp my vocabulary-challenged brethren. The U.K. was actively involved. Poland and several other nations sent contributions of diminishingly effective aid. I‚ÄövÑv¥ll grant you that France and Germany and Russia may have been against the war. But that doesn‚ÄövÑv¥t cancel out the folks who actively assisted in the military effort.

If you think the war was morally wrong or misguided, by all means argue your point. But stop yelling things that aren’t true.

When liberals use the term ‚ÄövÑv unilateral‚ÄövÑvp they are simply holding up a sign saying ‚ÄövÑv liberals are stupid.‚ÄövÑvp We‚ÄövÑv¥re not. Or at least some of us aren‚ÄövÑv¥t.

More on the pre-emptive thing later.

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