Some gastronomic avice

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader wants to pass along some gastronomic advice.

First, if you happen to be in Richmond Virginia and have a hankering for Sushi, go to Akida. It gets the official Maximum Leader seal of sushi approval. It is a small place (at least the one on Robinson Street is). The facility used to be an old street corner pub. But it works well as a sushi place. Great food.

Second, if you have been drinking Glenfiddich for a few hours and decide you need to make a brand change (but not a liquor change); be careful! Do not (repeat do not) pour yourself a double of Ardbeg. Glenfiddich is a wonderful smooth scotch. Ardbeg is wonderful, but is not nearly as smooth. It is full of smoke and fire. It was a bit too shocking a change.

Third, if you are up in Washington DC go to Georgia Brown’s. Your Maximum Leader has been for lunch a few times. But last night he had Georgia Brown’s Executive Chef, Neal Langermann (aided by his stunning assistant Yvonne) cook a private dinner for him, Mrs. Villain, his esteemed Brother and Sister-in-law, and two other close friends. The dinner was not in the restaurant, but at the home of your Maximum Leader’s friends. We stood in the kitchen and chatted with Chef Langermann as he cooked. He shared tips, stories, and some jokes. And it was one of the finest meals your Maximum Leader has ever had. It is a rival to the fabulous time he had at Morimotos last year. Go to Georgia Brown’s, it is well worth your trip. (And it seems that Sunday Brunch is one of the best times to go. They have a huge buffet, and let you have a to-go box before you leave…)

That is all the gastronomic advice for now.

Carry on.

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