Some dumped links & possibilities…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, for no particular reason, thinks you should visit some of these other fine blogs.

Skippy’s recent post on watching Chris Matthews reminds your Maximum Leader of why he does not watch Chris Matthews. (NB to Skippy: Stay out of jail now that it is pretty much illegal to smoke in Canad. If you need any smokes - let me know. Virginia is - still - a tobacco state).

Check out the Royal Navy Geekery in abudance this (Glorious) 1st of June over at the Llama Butchers. Robbo edumicates us about two (count ‘em) two battles on this date in history.

Did you know that the Beautifully Atrocious Jeff is now co-blogging with Agent Bedhead? Do you know why Dead Sexy Sadie is sooooooo dangerous? She has not only hetro-men in her thrall, but now she has gay men in her thrall too! That makes her a double threat. And no less Dead Sexy your Maximum Leader will add.

And finally… Your Maximum Leader anxiously awaits the dispensing of advice to Mr. Basil Seal from bobgirrl.

Okay… That isn’t all of this post…

Your Maximum Leader learned today that a particularly nice storefront in downtown Fredericksburg might become available soon. He learned this from a person who may have an interest in starting a restaurant/bar in the downtown area. The interested person asked your Maximum Leader for thoughts on a bar/restaurant. Your Maximum Leader suggested a late 19th Century British Club atmosphere. He further suggested that the place be called Flashman’s - after our favourate cad, Brig Gen Harry Paget Flashman (VC, et al). The menu would have a variety of beers, brandy and wines to compliment the varied victuals that would be served. Dishes might include the Gul Shah curry, the Otto Von Bismarck Ruben (with extra kraut), the Lola Montez spicy paella, the Robert E Lee Po’ Boy, and others. Alas, your Maximum Leader couldn’t think of a dish that would do our Flashy justice. Suggestions appreciated…

Carry on.


I love the Flashman’s Pub idea. Will there be wenching upstairs?

I can only hope so.

Ahtena Speaking said:

19th Century Club atmosphere with dark oak paneling overlaid with the residue of roaring fireplaces and cigar smoke? Deep leather club chairs for snoozing? Fabulous Beef Wellington? Not only say it is so but that ladies are invited!

Finally, there may be something worth coming to Fredericksburg for other than the historical buildings and gimcrackery flower/nursery shops.

Tilesey said:

Toad in the hole? Spotted dick? All very English dishes.

Don’t forget the port, brandy is fine, but port is more traditional

No no no no. It must be The Frog and Peach :
Peter Cook: “Yes, well, ah, the idea for the Frog and Peach came to me in the bath. A great number of things come to me in the bath, mainly sort of mosquitoes and adders, but in this case a rather stupendous idea. I suddenly thought, as I was scrubbing my back with a loofah, I thought, “Where can a young couple, who are having an evening out, not too much money, and they want to have a decent meal, you know, a decent frog and a nice bit of peach, where can they go and get it?” And answer came there none. And so I had this idea of starting a restaurant specializing in these frogs legs and, er, peachs, and on this premise I built this restaurant.”

The rest is here. Let me know if the owner does in Peter Cook’s footsteps and open The Frog and Peach. Fredrickburg is not to far for Mr. P and I to drive for a really good Peche a la Frog.

So sorry. Here’s the link to the rest;

phin said:

Just so long as there isn’t a Phineas T. Goldphish and chips we’re all good.

Basil Seal said:

Must have a Ko Dali’s Daughter Honey Bun

Basil Seal said:

Must have a Ko Dali’s Daughter Honey Bun

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