Shameless Commerce Plug - Beef!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is many things the good Smallholder is not. One of those things is a shameless promoter. (And he’ll leave it to your imagination to think of the other things…)

Because he is too bashful to speak up himself allow your Maximum Leader to give the plug… The Smallholder has coming available a side of his delicious (humanely raised) petit beef. This side of beef was raised by the Smallholder himself. It was raised on milk and grass. It did not live in a factory-abbatoir. The side of beef was raised hormone & grain free.

Your Maximum Leader can speak from years of personal experience and say that the Smallholder’s beef is succulent, tender, and as close to fat-free as you can get. As the Smallholder doesn’t raise his cattle to full market size the portions are smaller than you might find in your store, but that is a plus in many ways. The cuts do not take long to cook and their size is a help to ensure you don’t over-eat. Your Maximum Leader is quite partial to grinding this meat into hamburger. It makes great burgers with minimal shrinkage during cooking.

Anyhoo… If you are interested in purchasing yourself (or with a group of your friends) a whole side of beef; and you live i the VA/DC area; then contact the Smallholder at once. His email is: smallholder - at - nakedvillainy - dot - com.

You’ll not regret your decision. Indeed, you’ll be hooked.

Carry on.

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