Saudi Succession

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has a bit of a monarchist streak in him. But you knew that. If you are anything like your Maximum Leader (and admit it, if you don’t think you are you certainly aspire to be like him) you are curious aout the Saudi Royal Family.

Yes. Curious.

It is so huge. There are so many princes. Lots of them. One expects a robust Muslim family to have a few, but really… We’re talking thousands. So, when it comes to royal succession you can become confused. Does the crown go to a brother of the late king? A son of the late king? A nephew of the late king? A grandson of the late king? Who knows really.

Well… In an effort to make the succession go more smoothly, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has set up a committee to figure things out.

Heh… A committee of relatives… Unless the Saudi Royals are a lot more agreeable than families your Maximum Leader knows, he hardly sees how a committee of them will be able to easily sort out who gets the top job and who gets passed over…

By the way… What every happened to the Sultan killing off all his male relatives to assure succession to the throne of his sons? When did that little tradition go the way of the DoDo?

Carry on.

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