Sadie’s Teats

The lovely Sadie, who is definitely invited to a farm fete (fest?) whenever she next crosses the Mississippi, writes, in regard to teats:

Steve H: i’m not sure if it means the nipple or the whole bag or what
Sadie: i think it’s the latter.
Sadie: no the former.

Well, Sadie, dear, if you had comments enabled, one of the Naked Villains might have been able to enlighten you. Comments don’t have to be about “show us your tits!” They could be “I’ll define teats for you.”

But since you don’t have comments, I will embargo my assidously acquired attainment of astoundingly arcane agricultural (and alliterative) awareness.


Sadie will lose no sleep over my embargo.

The Minister of Propaganda will rapidly register a ridiculously ribald remark in the comments section, thereby proving the perspicacity our pulchritudinous partner’s plainly prohibitonist policy.

UPDATE: The MOP points out that I mispelled pulchritudinous in my haste, using as a reference. I am embarassed by this particular mispelling, as I am of all of my poor grammar and spelling as exhibited on the blog since movable type took away my spell check (and composing in word adds odd characters when I cut and paste). I would like to point out that I at least knew what the word meant - and I adore the word because its meaning is quite different from its ugly, harsh sound. So accidental misspelling versus illiteracy - I guess Longwood trumps Yale yet again.



sadie said:


Kevin Kim said:


Brian B said:

Teat and crumpets!

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