Rush, Arh-nold, Nazis, and Beach

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been quite busy the past few days and hasn’t blogged as much as he would like. There is so much to blog about. Rush’s stupid, but mostly just ill-informed, comments. There is so much being blogged about this, your Maximum Leader doesn’t really feel the need to pile on. I see that the Air Marshal has written some stuff about this, and I will defer my comments to him.

As Annika writes about Arh-nold, So we’re to believe him to be a Nazi now? (And frankly, who isn’t writing about this story now? Here is pretty good analysis by the Washington Post about the whole “behaving badly” issue.) This appears to be just another scandal-before-the-election tactic of the LA Times. I will not get too conspiratorial and say the story was planted by Democrats, but who knows? Weirder things have happened. Your Maximum Leader was watching the Today show this morning (BTW, congrats Matt on the new baby girl.); and Campbell Brown started off her reporting on the Arh-nold = Adolf Lover story very strong. But by the end of her segment was going on and on about the questionable provenance of the comments attributed to Arh-nold. Your Maximum Leader wonders if this is all going to be shown to be a falsification…

All in all, the Arh-nold story doesn’t appear to be hurting him in the polls. He still seems to be holding at around 40%.

In other news… Britain appears to lead the world in useless scientific studies.

Talk about a case that really could have set more than one precedent. Your Maximum Leader, in his Solomonaic wisdom, would have had to really mull this case over had it been appealed to him (the highest authority) in the MWO. A man gets a sex change, gets married to a woman, die and leaves the wife most of the estate? Could he (”she”) have been married? If you get a sex change, does that mean your offical legal sex status (for practical purposes) changes too? I am inclinded to say if one was born a man, you are a man regardless of how you change your genitalia. And vice-versa. (I know my just declared standard does not cover hermaphrodites.)

Your Maximum Leader just bought an Elvis Costello greatest hits CD. It is great. I highly recommend it. (Although I linked to the CD on Amazon, I bought it in a Best Buy store. Where it is cheaper than listed at Amazon. On the Best Buy website, it is a higher price than at the store. Humm…)

Your Maximum Leader was watching a re-run of Booknotes on C-span with Victor Davis Hanson when he was talking about his recent work, Mexifornia. It only made my appreciation for this great scholar greater. Read his latest.

And lastly, your Maximum Leader will not be blogging over the weekend. He is going to go to a wedding of a friend in Virginia Beach, VA. (Congrats Lori!) So, while visiting, he will see how much hurricane damage remains…

Carry on my minions.

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