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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is having a hard time putting a cogent thought together this morning. He’s not sure why… But there it is… So… Random link dumping here…

Have a few mil and an itch to fly a reconfigured model of the greatest fighter of WWII? You can buy a two-seat Spitfire at auction on April 20. Your Maximum Leader would love to fly in a Spitfire. He’s not sure he’d like owning one, but a flight in one would be cool as all get out.

FYI… The Nationals are still tied with the Phillies in the basement of the NL East. Only 160 games to go!

Historical names we love… Courtesy of FLG.

You should go and peruse “The Other McCain” which is chocked full of good politics.

Your Maximum Leader found himself defending Senator Edward M. Kennedy yesterday night. He was watching Sports Center with Villainette #2 and the Wee Villain. They showed a clip of Ted Kennedy throwing out the first pitch at the Sawx home opener. The Wee Villain proclaimed that he could throw a ball better. Villainette #2 agreed. Your Maximum Leader had to add in quickly that Senator Kennedy has been suffering from a brain tumor and is lucky to be alive right now. Villainette #2 said that in light of that he probably did okay. The Wee Villain (with the candor of a 4 year old) piped in that not only could he throw better than Kennedy he could hit better than Kennedy too… One supposes that the Wee Villain’s reaction is still age appropriate.

The Maersk Alabama was siezed by pirates yesterday. This is the first US flagged vessel to be taken by pirates in a very long time apparently. The US Navy is sending a ship to interdict the taken vessel. The Navy vessel (likely a destroyer - perhaps an Arliegh Burke class destroyer) should arrive on the scene today. There are, reportedly, 20 US nationals on the Maersk vessel. Your Maximum Leader believes that he heard somewhere that the Maersk Alabama is based out of Norfolk, VA and carries materials for the US 5th Fleet. The linked article doesn’t mention this tidbit or if the cargo is for the Navy.

Your Maximum Leader believes that the announced merger of Pulte Homes and Centex Homes is likely a good sign. It seems unlikely that Pulte would be willing to dip so deeply into their cash reserves to make this accquistion if they didn’t see some light at the end of the housing tunnel.

That is about it for now…

Carry on.

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