Rabbit & being careful what you wish for

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader calls out to you all “Rabbit.”

Got that out of the way.

Your Maximum Leader had a shower thought that he figured he’d throw out there. Like so many pundits and commentators, your Maximum Leader believes that the Republicans will take over the House of Representatives (your Maximum Leader will predict +53 seats for the Republicans) in the elections tomorrow. Your Maximum Leader further predicts that the Republicans will pick up a number of Senate seats (probably between 6 and 8).

If the Republicans make these gains, they will have a majority in one house of Congress and a stronger minority in the other.

Of course what this means is that Republicans have skin the game of politics in Washington and will actually have to try and deliver something.

What happened last time this type of transformation occured in Washington DC in a mid-term election? Bill Clinton became a highly effective (and largely successful) two term president.

Now, your Maximum Leader recognizes that the analogy isn’t perfect. Bill Clinton was (and is frankly) a pretty pragmatic guy. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t believe Barack Obama is a pragmatic guy. Clinton had become “Washington savvy” after wasting the first two years of his first term. President Obama has not demonstrated that he’s learned anything from his first two years. And by being not as pragmatic as Bill Clinton, he might not be inclinded to learn now.

In your Maximum Leader’s opinion, Congressional Republicans “saved” Bill Clinton’s presidency by allowing him to switch into a pragmatic mode of campaign-governing. (Which is to say that he governed like he was running a political campaign - which he was actually.) Your Maximum Leader wonders if on Wednesday, November 3rd Barack Obama will be able (and insightful enough) to do the same.

Carry on.

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