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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader wonders sometimes… Here are some of the things he’s wondering now…

What is the cost of nationalized health care in other countries to US healthcare providers, drug companies and research instititutions? This is to say that if a drug is conceived, developed, researched and orginally produced by a US drug company, but is sold in Britain for a price determined by the National Health Service and not the market; what is the cost that is passed along to US consumers who are in effect subsidizing the National Health Service of Britain?

Will your Maximum Leader have to buy “The Ascent of Money” on DVD to catch up on the episodes he missed? (NB: Nope, apparently he can watch them on-line or set up his DVR to catch the reruns. Joy! Thanks FLG for the recommendation!)

Why did your Maximum Leader not act on his hunch that a company he knows was likely to get a juicy government contract and buy some stock in that company? (NB: the company in question a month ago traded at about $3.50/share; they closed yesterday at $25.45 a share.)

Why would FLG accept sponsorship from the Vince Lombardi Service Area? FLG strikes your Maximum Leader as an Alexander Hamilton Service Area type of web site? (NB: your Maximum Leader is exploring the idea of a sponsorship arrangement with Yu Wan Mei right now. Krill! Yum!)

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Fear and Loathing in Georgetown said:

First, the cost to the American consumer of product development is huge. There are basically two costs in the production of drugs, for example. The development costs, research, patenting, safety trials, etc. These costs are huge. Then there’s the cost of making the pills, which is almost nothing. For the sake of argument let’s call the cost of making a pill basically zero — pure profit.

Well, any additional pill the drug company sells means a marginal addition to profit. So, if the British NHS says, we’ll pay you 10 pence per pill, then the drug company is likely to take it because that’s 10 cents of pure profit. Ditto for all the socialist health programs.

The US cost, on the other hand, which is determined largely by the market, in this theory underwrites all the development and research costs. So, the cost to the American consumer is the entire R&D, which is to say billions and billions. And the different amounts spent in the US versus other countries pretty much bear this out.

I long ago said that we fix this free-rider problem by mandating a legal cap on drug prices equal to the median price the drug is sold for in other OECD countries. This would make the drug companies play hardball with the NHS and French health services in price negotiations.

Second, FLG is a winner, like Vince Lombardi, and associates with them. Not with people who lose duels.

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