Private Charity vs Taxing the Rich

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was trying to read a few blogs he likes before moving on to some other things. He caught this piece by his friend FLG. In it, FLG dissects the recent donation by travel personality Rick Steves to a local arts center. You should clicky the linky and read FLG’s point. It is one with which your Maximum Leader completely agrees.

By the way, your Maximum Leader runs hot and cold on Rick Steves. He’s never read one of Steves’ travel guides, but he has watched his show on PBS. Sometimes he likes the way Steves approaches a place and creates a tour itnerary. Other times, Steves seems like a complete moron. When Steves seems moronic, your Maximum Leader often will turn off (or way down) the volume on the TV and just watch the images on the screen and make up his own commentary.

Anyhoo… Read FLG’s piece…

Carry on.

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