Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader wants you all to be glad that you are not near the Villainschloss right now. Your Maximum Leader’s progeny are rife with pestilence. The Wee Villain has been suffering through some viral malady. Now Villainette #2 is feverish and taken to bed.

Frankly your Maximum Leader has been feeling a bit peckish. He’s had a tickle in his throat for a few days. He isn’t sure if it is virus related or allergy related. Whatever it is, it is annoying.

Your Maximum Leader, Mrs Villain, and Villainette #1 are now on a quest to disinfect the whole Villainschloss. Clorox will be applied to all handles, switches, knobs, pulls, and oft-handled areas. Bathrooms will be cleaned. Sheets will be washed. Beds and towels changed daily. All in the name of making us feel better. Because frankly, none of this probably does much to keep the virus from getting at us…

Carry on.

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