Peccavi - or a blasphemous bear

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was working himself up into a lather over the plight of Gillian Gibbons. You know Ms. Gibbons. She who allowed her children (by which your Maximum Leader means the children she taught in school - not her biological children) to name a teddy bear after the prophet Mohammed.

At first your Maximum Leader was hoping that Gordon Brown would send a group of Royal Marines to the Sudan to rescue Ms. Gibbons before any sentance would be carried out upon her. But then it seemed as though the need for a military solution to the problem was averted when the Sudan pardoned her and allowed her to leave the country.

Your Maximum Leader is happy that Ms. Gibbons was not punished for a seemingly minor infraction (so minor in fact that in the civilized world it would not be an infraction at all). But at some level he wanted to strike a blow against this wild fundamentalism that seems to infect Islam around the world…

Of course, he’s found himself agreeing completely with that which Rachel wrote over on her fine blog.

Oh that we had more Charles Napier’s in the world.

Carry on.

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Mageen said:

Gawd! Wasn’t l’affaire Teddy totally demented?? Talk about losers! Too bad the Sudan is land locked or every western nation could have sent a warship to stand just off shore with all guns trained on shore until the school teacher was handed over in good condition. Since that wasn’t possible and the teacher is now safely home, I would love to see the sky over Sudan darkened with squadrons of bombers all loaded with toy bears - Teddy, Paddington, Smoky, Andy Pandy - all wearing little t-shirts embroidered with “This bear loves you!” in Arabic. Open bomb bay doors and let ‘er rip. Bury them all in toy bears, none of them named for The Prophet and let the rest of the world see what happens. The nutcakes well deserve to go from unconscionable to laughing stocks. Nothing defangs the savage beast like world-wide laughter.

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