Panic Quiz

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader saw this quiz over at the Llama Butchers and decided to take it. He scored 67.3. The results mean:

Your score is : 67.3
A score of less than 50 means you’re likely to panic in an emergency. You’re not very likely to panic if your score is between 50 and 70. If it’s between 70 and 90, you’re panic-resistant. Above 90, you’re as close to being panic-proof as a human can be. Men should score a trifle higher than women.

Take the quiz yourself. How Panic Proof are you?

Like Robbo, your Maximum Leader thinks he missed a whole row of “X”es. He thinks he also misse some of the letter positioning items.

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

75.9 ! I got the word count and the “X” count exactly right, though I may have been lucky with the words.

I didn’t have a loud enough alarm, though… all I had was my cell phone alarm. The book I held out while counting words was Harry Potter Book 6. The secret to this one: make sure your palm is facing upward while holding the book. This makes the task a lot easier.


JohnL said:


I got the IQ test portion all right, including the timed portion in 8 minutes. I also aced the word count (I was holding the Chicago Manual of Style - Hardback, 14th edition).

Counted 60 crosses (slightly more than the actual number).

Nice lunchbreak diversion.

Filled in the O’s in 2:33.

Kevin Kim said:

JohnL, you did the O’s a lot faster than I did. I clocked in at 4:25, and my damn hand was cramping.

Indeed you are powerful, as the Emperor has foreseen.


I did the O’s in 1:45. But John is still the most unflappable of us all.

Kevin Kim said:

How the hell did you guys do the Os that fast? On my Mac, I saw a bunch of radio buttons arranged in rough rows and columns, grouped pretty tightly together. No way I could click through them all that fast and accurately! Is there some sort of training program for that kind of rapidfire clicking, or do I just need to convert to the dark side and get a PC with a normal mouse (instead of the circular thingie that came with my 1999-era Mac G4), so’s I can Click at Will like you gents?



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